International School of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture


Location: Umbria, Italy

Mission: The International School of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture in Umbria, Italy offers intensive studio programs for developing painters and sculptors from around the world. Distinguished artists teach and critique, and visiting artists and scholars lecture.

Students, residents, and faculty live and work in Montecastello di Vibio, a hill town in Umbria, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. Our living and working situation in Montecastello is ideal for an artist. It offers breathtaking surroundings, marvelous light, quiet, privacy, wonderful food, and of course, Italy’s rich cultural heritage.

In this supportive yet rigorous studio environment, artists and students can focus and concentrate on their work, uninterrupted by the demands of daily life back home, and make dramatic progress. Those who stay for several consecutive sessions benefit tremendously. For many artists, the International School is more than a summer program—it is their continuing professional education.

The Artist’s Residency program in Montecastello provides the ideal combination of seclusion and community in a setting of truly inspirational beauty. Artists can work intensively and independently for three or more weeks in a supportive and intimate environment. The Residence Program also enables students to continue to work and progress independently.

Cost: 1200 euro – 9700 euro, depending on length of stay

Number of Artists: Up to 9 at a time

Accommodations: Resident’s rooms and studios are single-occupancy. Residents share modest apartments, and single rooms in the main building, all a few minutes walk from each other. The main school building, a former convent, has nine single rooms with a view of the Tiber River valley. The International School provides housecleaning services and clean sheets and towels weekly. Shared arrangements for spouses can be made, if space is available. Facilities in Montecastello are very basic and are not suitable for people with special needs.

Studios are in several great stone palazzi in the village. Residents have 24-hour access to their private studios. Throughout the ancient town and out in the landscape are wonderful motifs and views to paint.

Meals are prepared in our professional kitchen. The food is simple and wholesome, with fresh produce from nearby farms, and prepared with care by local cooks. A typical lunch includes pasta, a meat dish, two vegetables and a legume, salad, fresh bread, mineral water, fruit and coffee. We serve a substantial continental style breakfast to prepare us for our work in the studio. As is traditional in Italian cuisine, dinner is lighter and satisfying, with a hot main course and plenty of vegetables and fruit, with soups and pasta. Evening meals are on the school’s rooftop terrace, overlooking the magnificent panorama of the Tiber River valley.

Length of Stay: 1 – 12 weeks

Demographic: Painters, drawers, and sculptors (emerging to established)

Benefits: Meals and housekeeping provided, Trips provided as part of the program, faculty and visiting artist lectures, single-occupancy rooms, spouse and partner accommodations, a figure model poses for open drawing sessions 3-times a week, art library, telephones, internet access, and video collection.

Deadline: June 1 + August 15




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