Prairie Center of the Arts


Location: Peoria, Illinois

Mission: The Prairie Center of the Arts, a member of the Alliance of Artists Communities, is a 501c(3) Artist-in-Residence program providing artists from around the world the resources and uninterrupted time to think and create.

Prairie Center of the Arts was founded in 2003 as a juried Artist in Residency (AIR) program to attract emerging and established artists from Illinois and around the world;  to provide these artists and local artists with opportunities for research and development of new work;  to provide an accessible facility for art and creativity that embraces the Peoria area community offering equipment and new technologies not currently available to the general public.

We use the word “artist” in its broadest sense… to include traditional art forms, such as printmaking, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and design, as well as installation and conceptual artists, writers and poets, composers, architects and others who envision and change the world through their creative endeavors.

Cost: Residency Award, full funding provided. $100 USD is required within two weeks of a residency award to secure the spot.

Number of Artists: Up to 5 artists at a time

Accommodations:  A residency award includes room, use of kitchen(s), laundry facilities, common areas, and studio space. We do not fund travel, food, computer, materials or supplies. One studio at the residential facility is wheel chair accessible. Two bedrooms have private bathrooms and three of the five bedrooms on the upper level share a bath. All linens including sheets, pillowcases, towels and washcloths are provided in addition to pillows and
blankets. There is a fully supplied kitchen on the main level with a smaller kitchen on the lower level (also fully
supplied) which serves the artist staying on that level. Fully supplied means dishes, pots and pans,
utensils, coffee maker, napkins, and condiments such as salt, pepper, coffee, and tea bags.

Length of Stay: 1 – 3 months

Demographic: Emerging and Established artists from Illinois and International. All artistic mediums welcomed.

Benefits: Studio space with windows for natural light and separate heat, air conditioner and wash out sink, Studios are open and range in size from 40 X 70 to 20 X 30, a digital lab with large format printers (Epson Pro 4800, Epson Pro 9800) and a Mac including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and an Imacon Scanner, artists using the large format printers and/or the Imacon Scanner must have experience to operate independently in the lab, print shop with letterpress and etching presses, photography room with sinks & tables (no development equipment), installation space on the top floor, Warehouse Gallery One is a 7,000 square foot exhibition space and includes a small art library, Friday communal dinners, and transportation into town.

Deadlines:  October 15 ( for: 2nd week of January – March 31)

January 15 (for: April 1 – June 30)

April 15 (for: July 1 – September 30)

July 15 (for: October 1 – 3rd week of December)



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