The Center for Photography at Woodstock


Location: Woodstock, New York

Mission: Founded in 1977, the Center for Photography at Woodstock is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 artist-centered organization dedicated to supporting artists working in photography and related media and engaging audiences through opportunities in which creation, discovery, and learning are made possible.

The Woodstock Artist-in-Residency Program is designed to support artists of color working in the photographic arts who reside in the United States that would benefit with access to time, facilities, financial, critical, and technical support. This activity is created with an emphasis on supporting artists working in the photographic arts who are at the brink of their careers and promising talent. All of us lead very busy lives – the drive for this program is to free the artist from the busy routines and demands of everyday – and to provide a sanctuary for creativity.
The Woodstock A-I-R program encourages participants to pursue creative risk-taking in an environment rich in cultural resources. Working without distraction or interruption, participants focus intensely on their own work, continuing works in progress, setting goals for the future, and breaking new ground.

Cost: Stipend for food and travel, and honorarium

Number of Artists: Each year CPW offers 7 residencies for artists of color and 1 “critical studies residency” for a curator/critic of color.

Accommodations: Residents are housed in a two bedroom furnished house located within walking distance of CPW. They are provided with private room and shared bath, kitchen and common space. For artists without her own car, regional transportation can be arranged.

Accommodations at a historic artist residence located .5 miles from CPW and the center of Woodstock’s business district, 24/7 access to CPW’s workspace facilities (including black-&-white darkroom, digital imaging stations, and library), Critical and technical support, Stipend for food and travel, and honorarium, & Exhibition and related opportunities

Length of Stay: Three to six weeks from June through September

Demographic: Open to artists of color working in photography and related media who currently reside in the United States. 

Benefits: Participants receive workspace, critical and technical support, housing, stipends for food, travel, and honoraria. 24-hour access to CPW’s workspace facilities as well as CPW’s professional resources, Artists who participate in WOODSTOCK A-I-R have their work featured in a biennial exhibition in CPW’s galleries. Additionally, participating artists’ work is archived on CPW‘s website. Professional development is fostered through scheduled studio visits between artists and CPW staff.

Deadline: February 28








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