Location: Berlin, Germany

The WYE grew from the need for a hub in Berlin for professional creatives and became all the more pertinent recently when Berlin’s notorious art houses began to close one by one.

Local organizations, businesses, creatives and the international art community embraced the idea of this long vacant building playing a modern role for the city and poled resources together to make it happen. A massive, united effort of volunteered experts and labor brought the facility in full order as The WYE in just 5 months without a penny of public funding. Launched in September 2012, The WYE secures long term, affordable studios/offices for professional artists, musicians, designers, creative businesses and art focused organizations, provides short-term residencies for established international talents to work independently or collaborate with leaders in Berlin’s cultural scene, supports cultural programming inluding exhibitions, performances and events, unites diverse audiences by encouraging cross-discipline projects engaging the community, and houses and places progressive public artworks.

600 – 900 euros per month depending on room size. All other expenses are at artist’s cost.

Number of Artists:
Typically 1 – 2, but, Up to 4 at a time

Private bedrooms are combined with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room for a maximum of only 4 residents at anytime, insuring a comfortable setting. 24 hour access.

Length of Stay:
1 – 2 months

International emerging and mid-career artists working in any medium; in a professional stage of their career; Students are not eligible.

24 hour access, vibrant creative community, partner/spouse accommodations, located in the heart of Berlin,

Rolling application, reviewed monthly



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