The Homestead AK


Location: Anchorage, Alaska, United States

Mission: Our mission is to support creative discovery by providing unique time and space to practitioners. We encourage the responsible use and reuse of the abundant collection of materials at hand, promoting an environment that upholds tradition and advances contemporary art practices of all kinds. Our residency acts as an open forum for its participants to converse, collaborate, and build ties with the greater community.

With nearly 24 hours of daylight, the sun helps us disregard clocks and allow our internal timepieces to guide us. Each season, the work methods and practices of our artists are dramatically influenced by the land of the midnight sun. This experience has also proven to naturally promote lasting professional and personal relationships between alumni, often resulting in continued collaboration and development in the public space.

Cost: information unavailable

Number of Artists: Up to 6 artists at a time

Accommodations: Our facilities comprise 80 acres of homesteaded land including a time-honored California ranch style home to accommodate artists. Work space is ample, spanning a shared studio space, and half a century of homesteader’s wares and woes. We come together for dinner each night, unwinding, and sharing the experiences of our day.

Length of Stay: 3 Weeks

Demographic: Emerging and mid-career artists interested in collaboration, alternative residencies, and communal living in all range of contemporary practice and mediums

Benefits: You get to be in Alaska?! Also, lodging, outdoor studio space, tons of free materials (junk or reusable), and tons of potential

Deadline: TBA

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