Atlantic Center for the Arts


Location: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Mission: Atlantic Center for the Arts is an innovative nonprofit artists-in-residence program that provides artists with an opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the world’s masters in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Since the program began in 1982, over 3500 artists have been served from the US and around the world.

The three week Residency Program brings together three  “Master Artists” from different disciplines, such as the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, film/video, and multimedia),  architecture, music (composition and performance), literature, choreography, dance, performance art, and theater . Each Master Artist determines the requirements and basic structure of their residency, and through an online application process, they each select eight “Associate Artists” to participate in the three-week program. The essence of the program is to provide a collegial environment for artists of all disciplines where they can engage in meaningful interaction and stimulating discussions, while pursuing individual or group projects. It is an ideal setting for the exchange of ideas, the inspiration for new work, and the cross-fertilization of disciplines. The programs can include formal classes, discussions, individual meetings, individual and group critiques, collaboration, and private studio time. The award-winning Leeper Studio Complex provides residents with resources such as a painting studio, sculpture studio, digital media studio, dance studio, music/recording studio, writers’ studio, black box theatre and library.

Cost: Associates participating in a three-week residency are required to pay an $800 residency fee and a $100 administration fee. Through the generous support of numerous foundations, ACA is able to provide financial assistance to approximately 95% of participating Associates.

The amount of financial aid varies from year to year and from discipline to discipline, and is also dependent on each person’s financial need. Only accepted Associate Artists may apply for financial assistance. Maximum financial support is $800 (full scholarship). All participants will be required to pay a $100 administration fee.

Application Fee: $25

Number of Artists: Up to 24 at a time

Accommodations: Weekday meals and housing; does not include artist materials, transportation, or weekend meals. Private housing with a private bathroom and shower, air conditioning/heating, work desk, small refrigerator; no internet access in private rooms. Meals: Weekday meals are provided (self-serve continental breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by Chef Tom). Vegetarian options at all meals; local/fresh/organic ingredients emphasized; special dietary needs addressed on individual basis; weekend meals not provided; twice-weekly trips to grocery store arranged. Computer/internet access: There is high speed wireless internet in all studios and common areas (shared). There is no internet access in the Associate Housing units. There are several communal computers and printers available in the digital media studio and in other studio spaces. Studios/special equipment: Communal studio spaces with 24-hour access. To read more about our studios, facilities and housing. Other facilities and services: Coin-Laundry facilities, fax/copier service, bicycles/locks available. Twice-weekly trips to local stores provided. Recreational outings arranged as desired.

Length of Stay: 3 weeks

Demographic: Open to all artists (US and International), Language Requirement: a basic command of the English language is necessary, Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of the residency

Medium: Visual artists, performance, poetry, composers, authors, interdisciplinary artists, arts writers, choreography, dance, video artists, memoir authors, noir fiction, cartoonists, jazz composition, writers, playwrights, graphic novel, sculpture, sound artist, digital artist, interactive installation artist, fiction, non-fiction, film making, theater, painters, fiber arts, jewelry, art history, journalism, news analysts, columnists, commentators, paper arts . . .

Benefits: Weekday meals and housing, potential financial aid and full scholarship, working with a master in the field, bicycles/locks, painting studio, sculpture studio, digital media studio, dance studio, music/recording studio, writers’ studio, black box theatre, library, formal classes, discussions, individual meetings, individual and group critiques, collaboration, private studio time, communal computers and printers

Deadline: Depending on which master you sign up to study with, visit website for more information.



One thought on “Atlantic Center for the Arts

  1. ACA was absolutely one of the best times of my life as an artist. They feed you, they house you, they provide you a mentor, and they give you all the space and supplies you necessary to work.

    On top of all that, they do a lot of the legwork to get grants and make the residency as affordable as possible.

    You will meet people from all around the world who work in different creative fields, and the collaborations you make will be incredible. I got to work with visual artists, poets, and opera composers during my residency. Simply peeking into the creative process for other fields is a fun learning experience for all.

    And there are beaches you can bike to every day!

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