Notes on residencies from a lecture by Melissa Levine, director of LMCC:


Websites to take note of:

Notes on applying to a residency:

Questions to ask yourself: Where am I in my career? Would you like to work at home or in a community? What are you current life conditions (do you have a family? Are you married? Do you have a full-time job)? Are you ready for a dialogue with peers and professionals?

Questions about the residency: What are you looking for in an artist? What resources are provided? Who are the Alumni of the program?

Set time up every few months to apply. Make administration another asset in your artistic practice.

Be sure to tailor the application specifically to the residency. Be specific.

When relocating to a new country or city, utilize the residency network to find a community of artists in your new location

The more local you get with your choice in residency, the better chance you have for a fellowship/grant to be able to foster your career and development

If you are applying to a residency as a collaborative, you must provide a CV and proof of experience that you have worked as a group before

You can only plan to participate in one residency at a time. They have respectfully invited you to participate, you must give back by dedicating your time.

For proposals, ask yourself: Why you? Why this residency? Why now?

What does anyone else get out of your project?

Prepare for projection display

Brevity and clarity

Talk about projects as if they are completed, even if current

Never show work that is older than a two year span

Your CV should be selected and limited to one page


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