Austrian Artists-in-Residence Program


Location: Vienna, Austria

Mission: The residency is designed to offer to opportunity to familiarize oneself with the Austrian art and culture environment and to make contact with Austrian creative artists. Residents are expected to complete a project during their stay.

Cost: Stipend funded

Application Fee: Cost of postage abroad

Number of Artists: 50 Residency Scholarships

Accommodations: accommodation depending on availability, either in an apartment of the Parkdependance Laudon (14th district of Vienna) or in a room in an apartment on the 3rd and 9 District of Vienna, use of community workshops on the 2nd District of Vienna and the Schloss Laudon or use a free site on the grounds of Schloss Laudon

Length of Stay: 3 months of residency for visual artists, art photographers, designers, composers, video and media artists, 1-2 months of residency for writers and literary translators, Residency of 2 months for contemporary dancers and choreographers, Residency of 1 month for curators and art educators

Demographic: International artists with: maximum of 35 years in the fields of visual arts, photography, design, video and media art: maximum of 40 years in the fields of literature, literary translation, composition, contemporary dance and choreography, culture and commission for curators

Medium: artists, writers, composers, curators and cultural mediators who are not resident in Austria.

Benefits: Use of community workshops on the 2nd District of Vienna and the Schloss Laudon or use a free site on the grounds of Schloss Laudon, A grant for living expenses in the amount of € 800 per month (at a Absence of more than 7 days will be paid pro rate cost of living), A unique materials allowance in the amount of max. € 300 after submission of documents, and excluding the areas of dance and choreography, as well as curators, cultural mediators, literati and literary translators, The acquisition of an accident and health insurance with the exception of chronic Diseases and treatments, mobile internet stick SIM Card to Connect Provided, One Internet access in the apartments on the 3rd and 9th District of Vienna is available, a mobile phone and a one-value card with for the duration of the stay a credit of € 40 provided, similarly, monthly tickets for public transport in Vienna for the duration of the stay provided, For regular cleaning of the living rooms during the stay and for the Linen change are taken care of, A presentation of works at the end of the stay is possible, Financial support for the production of catalogs and for translation jobs book publications and performances can not be made.

The foreign artists during their stay in Vienna with the art and made known to the cultural scene. The are offered gallery, studio and museum visits, contact manufacture for literary and publishing scene and access to musical life in Vienna. The scholarship holders receive complimentary tickets in accordance with the possibilities for art and book fairs to performances in dance district, the international dance festival ImPuls dance and other events. For all scholarship is possible, active artists-in-residence-go-to-school participate in the program of CCA (these are readings and workshops at schools in Austria)

Deadline: May 31st



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