Location: Berlin, Germany

Mission: culturia is a goal oriented artist in residence program and is set as a long term research project on artistic process.

The primary focus of culturia is to support and develop a deeper reflection on art by artists and scholars. culturia is a place for exchanging knowledge, sharing ideas and aesthetic strategies. culturia develops an ongoing collection of texts written by artists and can provide a living space for researchers.

The purpose of culturia is to support artists and stimulate a further development of their practices focusing on the research of artistic process.

In 2011, culturia started a Non Material Collection exploring self-awareness of the artist in relation to his/her work.

culturia is based in Berlin. Since 2005 culturia has continued to expand and develop its relationships with artists and arts organizations. It began as residency program hosted in temporary spaces in Berlin, developing into a residency with a permanent address and a focus on exploring artistic processes and theory.

Culturia does not aim to offer an exhibition or a final presentation of the art works but gives a possibility to work on the writing and be part of future publications.

Cost: 275 euro/month / 200 euro deposit (deposit is transferred after confirmation of application of the artists to culturia bank account and returned at the end of the residency)

Application Fee: Free

Number of Artists: Up to 4 artists at a time

Accommodations: culturia is located in the borough of Friedrichshain, situated in the north side of the river Spree, and formerly known as East Berlin. The hosting apartment (160smq) has four individual bedrooms, a bathroom (with shower and bath), separate toilet, living room, kitchen, common working space, dining area and two balconies. Facilities include a washing machine, fridge freezer, oven and cooker, heating, telephone and Wi-Fi Internet. The bedrooms each have a bed and a desk (bedding is not provided).

Length of Stay: Up to 3 Months per session

Demographic: Artists, no age limit. Fluency in English language.

Medium: No restrictions on medium

Benefits: An engaged and responsible participation in the program and its formats during the residency time frame, Commitment to video interviews, Submission of the text written by artist /weekly/ and final to Non Material Collection, Openness for conversation, Presence in Berlin while conducting the residency, provide content input, conversation, introduce texts that can be found in “non material collection”, and watch filmed interviews with former artists, meeting interesting curators and artists, conversations, presentations and workshops on the text written by artists

Deadline: 9th of June for 5th of August – 31st of October 2013





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