Drive-By Visit: LMCC’s Governor’s Island Open Studios






IMG_5820photographs  (c) 2013 by Katrina Neumann
June 29, 2013 || by Katrina Neumann || Rate My Artist Residency

About a month ago I dropped by LMCC’s Governor’s Island AIR Open Studios program to visit SMFA graduate colleague and friend, Kimberly Ruth (professional artist, SUNY New Paltz Professor and Editor of Gnome Magazine), in the program.

After walking around the space, I couldn’t help but feel that the polished studio spaces (spruced up for Open Studios Summer 2013 session) exuded a bit more emptiness than a usual community of artists’ working spaces. I spoke with several artists about their experience, they all mentioned the same sentiment again and again. It is hard to commute to Governor’s Island by ferry to get to the studio space. Once you finally make it out there as a participating AIR, most of the time the residents aren’t present working on projects, well, just the international residents that have more time on their hands. Also, there are no food resources on the island, so it is difficult to feel comfortable once there. However, there was a general honor to be included in the programming that LMCC has to offer; all artists had studio visits with arts professionals working in NYC during the open studios and they all enjoyed the exposure and proximity to the New York City art scene.

More about Governor’s Island and LMCC


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