Location: Chongqing, China

Mission: As a non-for-profit art institute, Organhaus is committed to promoting the development and practice of contemporary art, pioneering experimental art in China, and promoting international artist exchange and project implementation in China. The residency program’s purpose is to invite artists working in various mediums to work in Chongqing for a short period of time, exploring possibilities of expressions, and strengthening communications between local and international artists.

Organhaus Art Space is an independent art organization made of artists and curators in cooperation.  The organization is located within 501 Art .Warehouse, with nearly 200m2 studio and exhibition space as well as accommodation for residency programs available.

Organhaus is the collaboration between the independent spaces “Organ” and “M-Haus Commune”, working primarily for young and experimental multi-media  artists, we focus our attentions on the progress of urbanization in China and artistic cooperatives within the global village, which are the shared concerns of our organizations. In order to maximize our resources, as of 2007 we have come together to form the organization Organhaus.

Organhaus is dedicated to the exploration of experimental and multi-media art, the holding of various kinds of art exhibitions and providing studio space to and exchanging studio spaces with young artists.  We accept applications for art exchanges and residencies from individuals and organizations both at home and abroad.  Within the ever-developing atmosphere of China, our organization hopes to give our energy and practical experience to contemporary Chinese art, cutting edge art and the development and exchange of International Culture.

Cost: Artists will be expected to cover all related traveling expenses including international air tickets, insurance, materials and food. An additional program fee of 200 Euro/month is required.

Application Fee: n/a

Number of Artists: Up to 3 at a time

Accommodations: Organhaus has an apartment with three bed rooms, a living room, kitchen and wireless internet connection. A separate studio dedicated to residents is 60 square meters. The gallery is located in 501 Art Zone near the apartment and is about 150 square meters in size, 4 meters high.

Length of Stay: Up to 3 months

Chongqing’s best climate is in the spring (March to June) and autumn (September to November) although Organhaus invites applicants to apply for residency periods that are best suited for their proposed projects.

Demographic: Organhaus is open to artists from all backgrounds.

Medium: Organhaus is open to artists working in any medium.

Benefits: Apartment living, interaction with local culture, and a gallery space

Deadline: Ongoing, email: for more information


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