OCAT Residency


Location: Shenzen, China

Mission: Each year, OCAT invites five young and experimental artists, critics and curators from the visual arts area for a residency in OCAT’s studios, and provides certain allowance, equipment and PR service to support their art practice and research during their residency. The program aims to create a dynamic platform for multi-disciplinary exchange, synthesize international cultural sources and contribute to the construction and development of the Chinese contemporary art world.

Cost: Costs covered by OCAT: Visa fee (for non-Chinese citizens), Round-trip travel (economy fare) expenses between the Recipients’ permanent place of residence and Shenzhen. Health and life insurance for the recipient during the residency. Stipend of 3000 rmb per month per recipient for the cost of living (meals, traffic, communication and etc) during the residency. Stipend of 1000 rmb per month per recipient for the cost of materials and researching works during the residency. Publicity & PR

Expenses Paid by Recipients: Any cost incurred outside of the commitments made by OCAT and stated above.

Recipients can apply for funding from their home country and OCAT can supply a letter of reference.

Recipients guarantee to: Archive the project you create while on residency, Open your studio from time to time, make lectures, and communicate with the local public, artists and art organizations. Complete a report to summarize your residency experience. Residents have the option to show their art work or research achieved during their residencies in the form of an exhibition, an academic lecture or a research paper.

Application Fee: no application fee; by nomination only

Number of Artists: Up to 5 artists at a time

Accommodations: OCAT has five studios. Typical of OCAT’s residence is a 130 sqm space consisting of a large upstairs bedroom/living area and a downstairs workspace.

Each residency is self-contained with furniture, phone, ADSL Internet connection, hot water, fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, and cooking facilities. Weekly cleaning is included.

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is a division of the He Xiangning Art Museum, located in Shenzhen. Officially established on January 28, 2005, OCAT is China’s only nonprofit contemporary art organization connected to a national art museum. OCAT also has exhibition spaces in Shanghai.

Length of Stay: n/a

Demographic: National and International Visual Artists, Curators, and Critics

Medium: Visual Arts, Sculpture, Installation, Performing Arts, New Media, Curators, Critics

Benefits: (see Cost)

Deadline: By Nomination starting in 2013

Beginning in 2013, the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal OCAT International Art Residency will formally change its name to the OCAT Residency. Also, we will change the application procedure from receiving applications to accepting nominations. Thus, with the publication of this announcement, we will no longer accept open applications for our annual residency. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all artists, curators and arts organizations who have applied to the program and supported us since 2006. We hope to continue to receive your attention and support.


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