The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt)


Location: Skopelos, Greece


Mission: The mission of the Foundation is to promote the visual, performing and literary arts and education in the arts through cultural exchanges. Guided by the Hellenic history and culture, the Foundation will promote artistic dialogue between the Greek, American and International communities of artists.

The residency began in 2001 and hosts approximately 20 international artists per year. Artists have come from many different walks of life, background and education.

Greece is a land filled with hundreds of enchanted islands, and Skopelos is one of its most inviting. Located in the Aegean northeast of Athens, Skopelos offers visitors a memorable experience. The view of Skopelos Town from the harbor is breathtaking. A broad promenade for leisurely strolling along the waterfront, whitewashed cottages festooned with brilliant crimson bougainvillea, nestled against lofty, green hills–this is the Greece tourists hope to visit on cruises and seldom find.

The Greek culture is one of generosity, kindness, and togetherness. The Greeks are happiest when everyone is included. If you sit down to a meal with a group of people, you don’t leave until everybody is ready to leave. In this social climate, people go out together for coffee, dinner, or drinks. When you walk downtown to drink coffee, you might find a laborer, the mayor, a lawyer, and a carpenter all sitting at the same table, enjoying each other’s company. Their views matter, not their educational level, background, or income. We want to offer this same atmosphere in our residencies at the Foundation.

In Skopelos, people can leave their stress behind and be themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the common phrase is ‘siga, siga’ –‘slowly, slowly.” Visitors who want to shape this mellow, people-centered culture to their own lifestyles may feel uncomfortable at Skopelos. Adaptability is the key. If you look at change as an opportunity and not as a problem, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is the perfect place for you!

Cost: We require a minimum stay of two weeks and the cost is $500.  $200 Deposit (which will be applied towards the residency upon arrival). Housing is not provided and ranges from 25 to 40 euros per night.


Application Fee: n/a


Number of Artists: Can be from 1 – 6 artists. Sometimes you may work alone.



Accommodations: The ceramics area is open raw space with a gorgeous view of the neighboring island, Alonnisos. There is an electric kiln and wheel on site and as mentioned, a wood-burning kiln. The Foundation is affiliated with Nikos Rodios, who is a world renowned potter and is known for his patented firing technique that creates a beautiful onyx that he applies to his work modeled after ancient utilitarian pieces.

The printmaking and screen-printing facilities overlook the Aegean Sea, with lots of windows so that the artists always see the light and the constantly changing colors of the water. The studio has state-of-the-art equipment so it can accommodate from the beginner to the most advanced.

Housing is not provided and ranges from 25 to 40 euros per night.


Length of Stay: 2 weeks – 3 months


Demographic: All applicants are welcome as long as they have some experience and are willing to create a project that is inspired by the Greek culture.


Medium: We have lovely outdoor space looking out at the Aegean for ceramists, painters and sculptors. There is a multi-purpose room for mixed-media artists and a gorgeous printmaking facility. Anywhere that you work you have a view of the sea.


Benefits: Artists will interact with the locals and we may hold an informal exhibition so that people can see their work. The experience has been profound for some because they can let their guard down, be themselves and create. We are there to support the artist and give them an inside perspective on the island culture. It is an experience you will never forget!

Deadline: 90 days prior to arrival


Please note that applications must be received two months prior to the residency


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One thought on “The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt)

  1. Skop Art was a fantastic Residency. Every single person there, whether it was other residents, teachers, or Jill, the director, immediately felt like family. People were supportive, welcoming, generous, and incredibly kind-hearted. When I got sick, Jill and Christos (the landlord) took me to the doctors and made me chicken soup.

    The studio itself is fabulous; the open-air studio space for painting was a beautiful change of pace from my cramped NYC life. I had plenty of space to spread out and work, get messy, and experiment. Not to mention, the view from the studio overlooks the ocean and Skopelos island, and it is magnificent. The apartments are less than a 5 minute walk from the studio, making your “commute” incredibly easy. The island itself is extremely abundant with produce, so I found myself picking cherries, mulberries, and plums all day to snack on! Don’t expect high luxury on this island, and be prepared to walk a lot if you want to go to town or the beaches. However, you will meet truly kind, welcoming people while living on this Greek island! I would definitely recommend Skop Art!

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