D. Fleiss & East West Artists Residency (DFEWA)


Location: Qinghuangdao, China

Mission: Several western and eastern artists founded the nonprofit association “Dorothea Fleiss & East-West Artists” for professional artists in January 1998. The purpose of our association is to establish a working basis for the cooperation between artists from eastern and western countries. Our aim is to encourage and to improve the cultural and the artistic exchange between outstanding artists originating from different historical backgrounds, defined by eastern and western countries, respectively. A great impact to achieve this aim is granted by artists from all around the world being in close contact to each other and to our association.

With the participation of western and eastern artists in symposia and group exhibitions held in the East or in the West (between 2000 and 2011 in Germany, China, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey) these artists will contribute to create a broader understanding of the contemporary arts in the respective part of the world. (Dorothea Fleiss)

The city of Qinhuangdao marks the eastern end of the Great Wall where it just out into the Bohai sea.

Cost: There are no residency fees, although the artist is requested — but not required — to donate two works produced during the residency .

The handling fee is € 100. To cover the additional expenses of the symposium with accommodation, catering, we would like each artist and writer to provide the club with 2 of their works.

Application Fee: 20 Euro / 30 USD

Number of Artists: 1 to 2 artists at a time

Accommodations: We offer accommodation for free in double or triple bedrooms with toilet and shower, including full catering as well as sufficient working space in garden.

Length of Stay: 15 days

Demographic/Medium: International artist residency is open to artists in all disciplines


Benefits: At the end of the DFEWA residency we will show all the oeuvres in an exhibition with prior opening in the Yengshen University Art Museum in Qinhuangdao. We organize the possibility to work together. We organize travel excursions. We will hold meeting-discourses about the subjects “Currents in the Arts of today” and “Contemporary Arts” .

Deadline: May 1


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