Tsinghua Art & Science Media Laboratory (TASML)


Location: Beijing, China

Mission: The Tsinghua University Art & Science Media Laboratory ushers in a new era in China’s experimental research linking art, sciences and technology.

TASML identifies key technologies that may catalyze innovation and in turn influence the ways in which we engage with society as guidelines for artistic and technological investigation.

Cost: The selected participant will receive a three-month residency at Tsinghua University with accommodation and a stipend.

Application Fee: n/a

Number of Artists: n/a

Accommodations: Accommodation and stipend provided

Length of Stay: 3 months

Demographic/Medium: Applicants should be interested in interdisciplinary experiments among artists, designers, scientists and technologists. TASML also functions as a center and a hub for worldwide exchange and collaboration both with academic and research institutions and the global media art and design community.

TASML collaborates with national arts councils to provide funding support for artists from the Netherlands (V2), Switzerland (Pro Helvetia), and Germany (Goethe Institute.) Artists should inquire about support from their home country before applying.

Benefits: Given the title of research artist, the selected participant will receive a three-month residency at Tsinghua University with accommodation and a stipend. The research artist will be paired with relevant scientific and technological resources at Tsinghua to conduct research.

Assisted by an MFA / MA student (of Art and Science cross disciplinary studies) with similar research interests, the research artist will create prototypes for the proposed project with demonstrable technologies developed over the span of the residency.

The research artist will also be given teaching assignments as visiting professor to bring to the classroom their artistic experiences and expand the horizons of Tsinghua’s students.

Deadline: n/a


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