Platform China Residency Program


Location: Caochangdi Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Mission: Platform China’s Beijing International Artist Platform (BIAP) was established in 2005 and offers artists an opportunity to work and live in Beijing’s emerging contemporary art scene. The aim of BIAP is to establish an artistic and cultural window through which international artists can begin to gain a deeper understanding of China and to develop communication with Chinese artists.

Cost: This program is managed on a not-for-profit basis by Platform China. Participants are expected to cover the costs of travel, living, accommodation, studio, and any related costs of individual special programs chosen if so; whilst Platform China provides all the necessary support to make your time in China fruitful and enjoyable. Applicants are encouraged to seek funding from relevant organizations and letters of support can be provided to this end.

The cost for a studio is 8500 RMB per month including electricity, water, heating, cleaning (weekly) and internet. For the cost of one week or other length of stays, please email us for more information.

Basic day-to-day living expenses (food and transport) are about 300 – 400 euros per month. Some artists also budget for assistant, interpreter, etc. Platform China will only provide basic advice and help.

Application Fee: Admission to BIAP is based on recommendations made by co-sponsoring institutions or on a review of each applicant’s portfolio or manuscript, as well as supporting material screened by the BIAP Admission Committee. Please view the website for the necessary materials and mail in residency application.

Number of Artists: n/a

Accommodations: East End Art (district A)
Two fully equipped artist studios are available in the East End Art District A, where the Platform China located. In East End Art District A, located in the Caochangdi village just ten minutes away from 798, is also a newly emerging artistic community.

East End Art (district C)
There are three studios available in East End Art District C. Quality international galleries like Boers-Li Gallery, Galerie Urs Meile, White Space, ShanghArt Beijing, and Chambers Fine Art are nearby.

Each studio includes:
– small kitchen area with cooking facilities, fridge, drinking water machine, induction cooker washing machine etc.
– studio room with sofa, chairs, and table etc, DVD player (only available while not in use for a Gallery’s exhibition show)
– each studio is more than 50sqm to 70sqm with a loft style decorating, enough working space
– own bathroom with shower
– double size bed with all necessary appliances (changed weekly)
– internet connection
– weekly cleaning
– one bicycle for each studio
– Electricity, water, heating (please note that in Beijing, the central heating system only provides during the preiod of 15th of November to the 15th of March), air conditioner…

*Studios are not suitable for young children. Although artists can stay 2 per studio, we do not provide additional facilities for more than one person. At times, facilities may be available at short notice.

Length of Stay: n/a

Demographic/Medium: Visual or performing artists, critics and curators of contemporary art are top-priority for the program. BIAP is interested in emerging, mid-career and established artists. Artists are selected based on the quality of their work and their interest in working in Beijing. BIAP brings together groups of artists from a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

We also accept applications from writers, researchers, editors and academics from around the world who are interested of contemporary art in China. The selection process is made by the BIAP Admission Committee.

Benefits: Each participant can choose to have an open studio show during or at the end of his/her stay. But the artists need to apply this at lease 15 days before the open studio. BIAP can provide the basic promotion through our contact database. But the artist has to cover the cost of working material and publicity material such like posters and leaflets.

Also, there is a possibility to have an exhibition at Platform China. Please notice your wish of exhibition and provide an exhibition proposal beforehand to Platform China, as Platform China has also their own programs and the programs for the space always to be arranged few months beforehand. There is also a selection process and we need time to arrange the timetable for exhibitions. Once your exhibition proposal has been accepted, the use of the exhibition space is free of charge. Necessary support of installing works will also provide by Platform China. However, the artist is responsible to cover the cost of materials.

Deadline: n/a

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