Green Olive Arts



Location: Tetouan, Morocco

Mission: Green Olive Arts aims to provide high quality production spaces and professional services for artists, writers, film-makers and creative researchers for extended seasons of production, inspiration and collaboration. These spaces are available to both Moroccan and visiting creatives for art residency, based on a competitive application process.

Cost: Visiting artists are responsible for all costs associated with their residency (travel, studio fees and housing/board). Artists are encouraged to apply for outside grants, and we are happy to supply estimated budgets etc. to aide in that process. We also help our approved applicants work out the best combination of studio, tour, and housing options to suit their art residency goals, comfort, and budget.

Studio Fees: a furnished sunny studio space, shared with one other creative, costs around $240 per week and a private studio space costs around $360 per week for our non-Moroccan clientele. There is a reduced fee set for our Moroccan artists in residence since they are fluent in both language and culture here.

Shared Studio: 1-2 Weeks: $240 (180€) per wk, 3-4 Weeks: $230 (170€) per wk

Private Studio: 1-2 Weeks: $360 (270€) per wk, 3-4 Weeks: $350 (260€) per wk

Please be aware that once you have been accepted, a $200 deposit is required no later than 30 days after acceptance to secure your studio space.

Application Fee: $20.00 USD

Number of Artists: Up to 16-24 at a time

Accommodations: Green Olive Arts’ 8-room, sun-filled facility in central Tetouan is equipped with various work tables, easels, basic tools, computer stations, a woodworking area, and instructional workshop facilities suitable for a wide range of mediums and projects to fit its resident artists’ needs.

Housing:  We are happy to arrange your housing from among a wide range of options to suit your unique preferences and goals. See our housing options page. Almost all of the housing options are within a short walk of the studios in either the ‘new’ or old city. And all of them must pass our strict evaluation before being endorsed by us as a place for our guests to sleep.

While at Green Olive Arts, artists typically choose from a number of different types of housing options within walking distance of the studio. Most of these offer bed and breakfast or have an attached restaurant, but the studio facility itself has a kitchen so that residents may prepare their own food if necessary at the studios. On Fridays we offer a shared meal of traditional couscous for local artists and anyone working in the studios. Artists who have specific facilities’ needs should contact Green Olive Arts to determine if our studios will accommodate their work.

Length of Stay: 1 week to 4 months

Demographic/Medium: Green Olive Arts is open to emerging artists, mid-career artists and established artists. We welcome individuals and groups to apply and to come with their own plan for their residency time with us, although we do encourage collaboration and interaction among our resident artists. Residencies are open to artists, writers, performers, photographers and other global creatives who desire a season of research, exploration, collaboration and production.

Benefits: Concierge services for this unique artist residency include arranged housing accommodations and meetings with local artists to art tours and guided plein air painting outings. At the heart of Green Olive Arts’ offering, however is a desire to connect visiting international artists with the emerging and established artists of Morocco for dialogue, mutual inspiration and collaborative work that will result in the flourishing of both artists and their respective home communities for years to come.

Local and country-wide tours, trustworthy guides for plein air outings, translators, web-based promotion, crating services, connection to galleries, local language learning, home stays and meals with local families, computer lab, WIFI internet, introduction to local artists and art students, a local craftsman network for production needs, portable easels and pochade boxes for outings, and many more.

Deadline: Ongoing




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