Cité des Arts


Location: Paris, France

Mission: The Cité Internationale des Arts aims to host professional artists who wish to develop an artistic work in France. The Foundation is recognized public utility by decree of 14 September 1957.

The Cité Internationale des Arts is intended to provide short or long stays (2 months to 1 year) for professional artists who want to develop an artistic work in France.

It is related to a vast network of partners and associates. Its founders include a large number of States, schools, institutes, universities and ministries from close to 50 countries all across the world. Three of its historic founders and key partners are the City of Paris, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • The Foundation welcomes professional artists from around the world.
  • Since its opening in 1965, it has received more than 15,000 artists.
  • Stays are limited to three months to one year and include fees.
  • Applicants must submit a written request by mail (no e-mail).
  • Workshops could be attributed to independent candidates are limited.

The Cité Internationale des Arts hosts two sites artist residencies :

  • In the Marais district, opposite the Ile Saint-Louis, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville in the 4th district with 291 studio apartments in 11 buildings. A dynamic quarter swarming with art galleries and a favourite destination for Parisians.
  • And that of Montmartre, Norvins street, 35 workshops units in 4 buildings around a wooded area. Montmartre was for many years a focal point for artists over the world.

Residents may practice their artistic discipline and develop their creative techniques for the duration of their stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts. The residence also houses an exhibition area where artists can display their works and an auditorium where they can perform concerts.

Since its opening in 1965, the Cité Internationale des Arts has accommodated more than 18,000 artists from all over the world.

  • Applicants are advised to address their application to the Cité Internationale des Arts only by mail (not email).
  • Studios are not free of charge. They are available in a very limited number.

Cost: The monthly services charges range from 421 to 770 euros. (according the size of the studio).

Residents do not pay rent, but cover a portion of the Service charges. Therefore, their status is that of a simple occupant and they may not claim any right to stay in the premises beyond the agreed upon period.

  • Service charges must be paid at the start of each month. Service charges for both the first and last months of occupation are due in full‚ regardless of arrival/departure dates.
  • An additional fee is required for housing any additional person (Companion or Visitor) or a child.

Service charges must be paid at the beginning of each month in euros. Given that you pay service charges and not rent, you are not eligible for the housing benefit called APL.

No more than one person (additional fee: 150€) and a young child (110€ for a child under 7) can stay in your studio for the entire residency.

If you wish to host a guest, you must request from the reception desk (for 1 week or less: 120€, up to 1 month: 220€).

Prior to arrival, future Residents must pay a full Deposit equal to one month of Services charges, which will be refunded upon departure provided that the studio is in good condition.

Resident must have health insurance that includes repatriation, as well as a liability insurance.

Application Fee: 30 Euros

Number of Artists: n/a

Accommodations: All the studios have a large working room, a bed, a bathroom and an equipped kitchenette (refrigerator and electric cooking plates). All the laundry and blankets are supplied. Bed sheets are changed every two weeks. You should bring your own towels. The dishes are supplied, but not the dish towels nor the cleaning products. The electrical current supplied to residency-studios varies from 2 to 3 Kwatts. We remind you that the studio is a residency-studio.

In no circumstances may it be converted into a lodging with your own furniture. You are responsible for the cleaning of your residency-studio, the staff of the Cité des Arts do not provide assistance. Upon departure, please leave your studio in the state it was upon your arrival.

A few baby cots are available. You must request this prior to arrival.

The reception desk is open 24 hours a day. After 10 pm, the gate is closed. You will have to ring and wait for the night guardian. On Saturdays and Sundays and at night, the night guardian may conduct rounds; please be patient.

We offer wireless Internet access. The Receptionist gives you a login that enables you to connect for free for 24 hours. The subscription charge for an unlimited Internet access and unlimited traditional local phone calls is 19,99 € for one month. A package of 50 hours to be used at any time costs 15 € per month.

Each studio is equipped with a telephone that allows communication within the Cité des Arts. For outside phone calls, you can buy a SIM card to be used in your cell phone. A pay phone is located in lobby of the main building. If you are staying for more than 3 months, you may subscribe to a private line. The procedures to obtain this line cannot be carried out before your arrival.

Length of Stay: 2 months – 1 year

A first Residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts cannot last less than one month or more than one year. An extension of the Residency can be requested. The total duration must not exceed 18 months, except for residencies in partnership with an institution of higher education which may be extended to a maximum of 24 months.

  • Artists are required to occupy their studios. For security reasons, they are requested to inform the Cité des Arts of any planned absences.
  • In the event of a departure prior to the agreed upon date, Residents must inform the Cité Internationale des Arts at least two months in advance. Otherwise, one month’s Service charges will be charged.

Demographic/Medium: Emerging to Established National and International Artists

Benefits: The Resident may be accompanied by a second person, the Companion and by a young child under 7 years old; the latter arrive and depart at the same time as the Resident. If the Resident stays alone in the studio, he may occasionally accommodate a Visitor. The Visitors must be registered with the Reception desk. The Resident is responsible for his or her guests.

Museum pass: You are eligible for a pass entitling you to a reduced entry charge in most Parisian museums. You can request this at the reception desk.  A passport photograph is required.

French lessons: Lessons in practical French are held twice a week (10€ for a 2 hour-class). The Alliance française offers academic classes:

It is recommended to learn basic French in your own country prior to your arrival.

Rehearsal studios: The rehearsal studios at the Cité des Arts are equipped with upright and baby grand pianos, plus a 16 stop organ. Users must pay a service charge (from 6.30€ per hour).

Collective studios: Studios for printmaking and silkscreen (90€ each per month, 140€ for both per month) plus a ceramics kiln (30€ for a cook) are available for professional artists.

Concerts and P&P: During their stay, musicians, dancers, mixed media artists etc. may participate in one of the events organized by the Cité des Arts on Tuesdays in its 128-seat auditorium.

The artists may organize an evening event called « P&P – Present & Projet » to present their artistic work and exchange with the other residents and the public.

Exhibits and Open-Studios: Visual artists can hold a private exhibit in the Corridor (basement). A financial participation of 80€ is required.

During their stay, the artists may hold an open-studio.

Deadline: Ongoing, send in mail applications

The applications are examined, twice a year, by the Entrance committee.

Acceptance Rate: 10% of applicants







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