Bunker Projects

6137418_origBunker Projects in Construction

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mission: Bunker Projects is a residency program and experimental gallery devoted to creating a living laboratory for artists in Pittsburgh. Located at 5106 Penn Avenue’s second and third floor, BUNKER Projects is converting a burnt-out apartment into a customized space for artists of all kinds. Participating artists will spend an intensive period living and working on site with living, studio, and gallery spaces. BUNKER residents will be supported to exchange and collaborate with the surrounding neighborhood and take advantage of other Pittsburgh artist resources during their stay.

Beginning in 2014, Bunker Projects will offer 3-month artist residencies.  Two residents will be hosted concurrently to live, work, and exhibit in the space.  The duration of each stay is flexible and reflects transparent monthly costs.  Artists will pursue self-directed projects that are required to interface with the public in at least three formats. This may take any form including public exhibition, discussion, dinner, performance, workshop, lecture, or other collaborations.

Cost: $300 per month (includes utilities and exhibition costs) 

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: Up to 3 artists at a time

Accommodations: Private bedroom, individual studio, tools, team support and access to galleries and garden.

As an intentional living space, BUNKER Projects offers a comfortable, custom-designed environment for its residents. Working with the Fourth River Worker’s Guild, a sociocratic labor collective based in Pittsburgh, we are rebuilding our spaces to provide residents with basic amenities (including private bedrooms, a shared kitchenette, and a shared bathroom) while also maintaining an open floor plan to promote interactivity and collaboration between residents and the community.

BUNKER Projects provides two designated work areas of equal size, each 200 sq. ft. These areas may be cloistered or connected, depending on the comfort or collaborative nature of the resident artists. While we are equipped with a large selection of power tools, BUNKER will facilitate connections with outside workshops and fabrication labs as needed.

We offer two gallery spaces, totaling 485 sq ft. Both rooms retain original interior details such as a fireplace and built-in cabinetry. The galleries provide transformable exhibition and event space for artists and scheduled events.

Staff support to locate the following (with possible additional costs): basic mobile woodshop, complete wood shop, metals shop, digital fabrication, camera/video equipment, projector, professional printing, print making facility, kiln/ceramics facility, spray booth, chemical ventilation

Length of Stay: 1 month to 3+ months

Demographic/Medium: National and International studio artists, public artists, performer, designer, writer, architect, musician, curator, researcher

Benefits: Support from Bunker staff in locating tools, resources, and funding to enable creative practice, Installation assistance for exhibitions and special events, Promotional support for all shows and special events hosted during residency, Effective use of time during residency, residents must maintain a daily creative practice, Hold open studio hours determined by your schedule, Coordinate with Exhibitions and Special Projects Artists, Interface with public in at least three formats: First Friday Gallery Show (mandatory), public performance, artist talk/ lecture/ screening, community workshop, satellite show/ presentation, any other form of public diffusion

Deadline: Ongoing 

Acceptance Rate: n/a



bp-130419-001Image (c) 2013 Ben Filio

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