Largo das Artes


Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mission: Largo das Artes is a contemporary arts centre in the historical city centre of Rio de Janeiro housing ten studios, a gallery and a residency programme in a 400m² XIX century building.

Exhibition projects are curated by invitation with views to contextualise artworks within critical frameworks. We aim to inform and inspire through six major exhibitions a year built around four main ideas: historical span, conceptual consistency, participation and collaboration. These exhibitions are complemented by open studio events, artists’ talks, workshops and guided visits.

Studios are occupied by local artists and by those participating in Largo das Artes International Residency Programme.

Largo das Artes activities are founded around the following ideas: Create a lively, supportive and dynamic environment for the development and exhibition of contemporary art; Facilitate experimentation and innovation in contemporary art practices by stimulating dialogue between artists and across cultures; Encourage the professional development of artists through a non-judgemental and process-based Residency Programme; Widen access to contemporary art, instigating critical thinking; Contribute to the urban and cultural revitalization of the city centre of Rio de Janeiro, where Largo das Artes is located.

Cost: The fee is EUR 2,000 (EUR 700 registration fee to be paid upon acceptance + EUR 1,300 to be paid prior to arrival)

Artists willing to take part in our programme are expected to self-fund or apply for funding to cover costs involved. We are happy to support with invitation letters. Spouses or companions may stay at the same flat following a payment of EUR 150 per month. Families with kids will be considered but please inform when applying.

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: Up to 4 at a time

Accommodations: The four apartments are situated in a garden surrounded by the Atlantic Forest in Cosme Velho, a traditional neighborhood adjacent to the Corcovado Mountain. They are equipped with essential furniture, linen and towels, refrigerator, small kitchen appliances and kitchenware.

The studios are located in Largo das Artes XIX century building, in the city centre of Rio, where artists have the opportunity to take part in activities such as open studios, talks and workshops.

Length of Stay: 1 Month

Artists should state the month for which they are applying. If a longer residency period is required, please get in touch. Two or three month residencies will be considered.

Demographic/Medium: Emerging artists wishing to immerse themselves in their work without the strains of everyday life. We provide them the space to explore practices, new ideas and materials; and to develop a project in Rio de Janeiro while receiving professional feedback and support.

Program: Each month, four selected artists have the chance to live and work in Rio de Janeiro and to participate in weekly activities such as talks, meetings with curators, exhibition tours and Largo Lab. Participants are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops, and to immerse themselves in Rio’s art and cultural scene.

Benefits: Professional development, artistic exchange and international contacts. The support, networks and creative environment offered by us provides an opportunity for artists to interact, learn, research and experiment with new works, materials and concepts.

Studio at Largo das Artes; Accommodation in a self-contained private flat; Opportunity to propose workshops and talks; Curatorial support through one-to-one meetings; Weekly brainstorming sessions; Administrative and logistics support from Largo das Artes; Open studio event at the end of the residency to introduce the visiting artist to the public.

Deadline: April 2, (Aug-Nov)

Acceptance Rate: n/a



tumblr_mzcmv1b3fP1ssx2wco8_1280Photo (c) 2014 Stephanie Greene (artist in residence)




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