Rate My Artist Residency goes to Madrid!

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12 Days Running, 29 Backers, and 13 days left to go

Rate My Artist Residency reaches their

Kickstarter goal!

Thank You To

Jodi Waynberg, Hezzie & Jon Johanson, Angelica Garrison, Amy Flaherty, Dannielle Tegeder, Priscilla Stadler, Sarah M. Divi, Liz White, Hiroko Ohno, Jody Servon, Lauren Francescone, Yoon Cho, Nikolina Kovalenko, Samuel Finkelstein, Loretta Park, Pablo Helguera, Emily Green, Linda Francescone, Mark Addison Smith, Robert Schaefer, Laura Harrison, Jacobus Capone, Kimberly Ruth, Amanda Bonaiuto, Alexander I. Neumann, Freya Powell, Catherine Tutter, and Katharina Neuburger!

About this project

Katrina Neumann is attending RMAR’s first conference, AIR ARRAY, on artist residencies with big players such as Mapping Residencies, Res Artis, Art Motile, and DutchCulture | TransArtists (among many others) in Madrid on March 9-11, 2015.

This is an exciting opportunity for RMAR to start building a physical presence in the artist residency world; the chance to network will open up the opportunity to broaden my company’s programming.

As for the history behind the website, it was found in January 2013 in Berlin, Germany while Neumann was an artist-in-residence. Today, the website operates as a way for artists to socially and critically engage about artist residencies worldwide. We also provide free services such as listing upcoming deadlines, grant resources, how to apply for residencies, and a mapping of rated residencies on the website. Another totem of the company, which was initiated last year, was the beginning of a crowd-sourced grant to assist financial need-based artists to be able to attend any artist residency in the world with offsetting the cost and reducing financial stress.

Katrina Neumann does all of this work on her own and in her spare time mostly in the moonlit hours after my full-time job. Financially being able to attend this conference will  come out of her own shallow lint-ridden pockets. This come from her passion to be able to see this resource grow for others.

The money raised will cover the cost of the plane ticket to go to Madrid, Spain. A simple gesture of assistance with travel will launch this project, Rate My Artist Residency, into a new beginning.

Risks and Challenges

Some risks and challenges might include the weather and flight cancellations. Otherwise, everything is ready to go and on it’s way to happening.


Where is the money going?

Budget Breakdown:

Plane Ticket to Madrid: $780.00
Kickstarter royalties: 10%
Kickstarter rewards: The rest.



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