The Residency at RE:ARTISTE


Location: Sullivan County in Upstate New York

RE:ARTISTE is the International Art Society exposing amateur and professional artists, of all media, to curators, buyers, and art enthusiasts.

Mission: Our mission as an artist residency is to offer an environment for creative individuals to gather, create, and network. Best of all, art created at The Residency can be selected for our annual exhibition which takes place in New York City.

Explore the spirit of our spacious 1890s Victorian house and its timeless charm that will become your creative ground for 7 relaxing days. Located in Upstate New York, the house is set on six acres of private farmland, complete with an outdoor flagstone patio and a stone shed. Open grassy spaces allow for isolation while The Residency house brings a sense of community where we can all share ideas, techniques, and good stories. The setting affords complete privacy and utter sanctuary.

Cost: Prices start from $649 for 7 days and 6 nights.

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: Up to 5 artists at a time

Length of Stay: 6 days and 7 nights in June and September 2015

Accommodations: Bedrooms vary from suite to the guest bedrooms and include a queen or full-size beds. The sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels are provided. Complimentary continental breakfast is offered every morning. Common Ground includes working space and tables. The Great “Artdoors” of six acres of farmland provide the perfect setting for you to be inspired and work on your craft. Plenty of room to spread out your creativity.

Demographic/Medium: Our Artist-in-Residence project offers professional and amateur painters, illustrators, sculptors, photographers, poets, and writers the opportunity to pursue and develop their artistic discipline.

The following disciplines will be accepted at The Residency:
Visual (painting, photography, sculpture, illustration, mixed media)
Writing (poetry, play writing, screenwriting, lyrics)

Benefits: There is nothing more valuable to an artist than having time to create without the distractions of everyday life. The Residency will provide you with the environment you need to concentrate and produce art. We look forward to welcoming you at The Residency!

WIN TO STAY: Win a chance to spend a week at The Residency by participating in the “Show You World” Competition. Visit for more details. You can also get exhibited in New York City!

Deadline: Ongoing

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