The Organic Art Ranch in Transylvania



Location: Transylvania, Romania


Mission: The Organic Art Ranch in Transylvania has established their artist residency programs to support young artist who are traveling and offer them a chance to have a peaceful place to create their artwork during their travels or to just get away from the city to clear their mind. The artist residency allows each visiting artist to experience our place, the surroundings and find their muse in the silence of the night. They believe that nature is a great inspiration for artistic expression.

Since the summer of 2010, The OAR has been active in hosting artist residents from around the world. They slowly started by hosting musicians such as a pianist from Barcelona as well as a violinist from Quebec and a group of accordion players specializing in Easter European Roma Music. Since then, The OAR has grown full force and now they include the visual arts as well as writers. We have hosted several painters, graphic designers, photographers, environmental artists, novelist and a children’s book writer in the recent years.


Cost: For the artist residency program there is a daily fee which includes three meals (mainly organic) per day and accommodation. 150€ for the first week. After that 120€ for each additional week.

Application Fee: No application fee.


Number of Artists: Up to 2 artists at a time


Length of Stay: All Year


Accommodations: Resident artists have their own space to create, while living in our community. At our place you can enjoy nature and be close to the Apuseni Natural Park. There are caves, forests, a lake and a waterfall close by. We offer a rustic experience with a beautiful view. Our place is unique because it offers a glimpse into a more simple, slow, natural lifestyle with beautiful sunrises and quiet evenings. It is ideal if you want to get away from the rush of city life.
Our ecological and traditional houses are equipped with the following low impact amenities: an outdoor hot water shower and an outdoor ecological compost toilet.


Demographic/Medium: We welcome Established to Emerging artist from all visual arts as well as musicians and writers. International applicants can be hosted in several languages, English, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Finish as well as Romanian.

Our artist residency program is open to all types of artists. Until now we have had musicians (piano, hang drum, violin, accordion), writers (novel and short story writers from England and Australia) as well as children book authors, painters, photographers and graphic artists.


Benefits: We offer a unique retreat for artists in an inspirational setting where they can escape the ordinary and get inspired by nature. An almost complete solitary environment. Here you can experience a healthier, more simple and slower lifestyle and finally have time to create. We provide organic meals locally produced as well an ecologically build studio space to cleanse the body and mind.


Deadline: March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1, and July 1


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