Digital Fabrication Residency



Location: Easton, Maryland


Mission: Digital Fabrication Residency (DFR) is a private independently artist run residency program taught by fabricators for artists. This program is intended for professional development for artists of all levels to learn practical and project based workflows utilizing digital fabrication technologies. Artists work one on one with fabricators to develop their projects and learn how to develop digital files that be integrated across multiple machine platforms. Artists learn software, working with machines and experimenting.

Digital Fabrication Residency is located in the heart of historic Easton, Maryland. Restaurants, bars, taverns, inns and other shops are all within walking distance of DFR’s facilities. Within driving distance there are hotels and other shopping, grocery stores etc.

The eastern shore area of Maryland is world renowned for it’s beautiful Chesapeake Bay views. From Oxford to St. Michael’s and Easton, DFR is located central to the Talbot County region. From summer to fall and winter, there are points of interest for day trips and enjoying a quiet classic town surrounded by farms and waterways.


Cost: 3 Day Onsite Program $675

Hybrid Program (5 weeks includes 3 week project prep online and 2 weeks onsite) $5700


Residency Fellowships and Stipends: Digital Fabrication Residency offers a Subsidized Residency Work Exchange Program for our Online Residency Program.


Application Fee: There is a $15 non-refundable application fee that is required for all applications to be considered for acceptance.


Number of Artists: Up to 1 artist at a time


Length of Stay: Online Program Varies, 3 Day or 5 Week (Hybrid Program; 3 weeks Online, 2 Weeks Onsite)


Accommodations: Digital Fabrication Residency houses textile studio with digital embroidery machines and other textile related machine and equipment. CNC Lab contains a laser machine, CNC router and FDM 3D Printer and traditional tools like drills, bandsaws etc. Onsite residents have a private studio.

3 Day Onsite program does not include accommodations. Hybrid Program does include accommodations.


Demographic/Medium: We welcome emerging to established artists to apply. Artists participating in a program with an online component must have reliable internet and a webcam. We encourage artists to have a basic understanding of Illustrator or Photoshop. This program works with a variety of software. We try as much as possible to work with software that is free or financially accessible to the average artist.

This residency is designed for visual artists. Typically our residents come with sculpture, installation, painting, drawing or photography backgrounds. We are most moved by great project proposals and interesting ideas for how the residency program would provide a great opportunity for the artist.


Benefits: Residents have access to workshop and supporting file content after they have completed the residency program. Residents can submit files for FDM 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving, CNC cutting/engraving and digital embroidery at no charge during their residency period.


Deadline: April 20,2016


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