Art Kibbutz



Location: Governor’s Island, New York City


Mission: Art Kibbutz is a volunteer-driven artists’ community, residency, and a hub that offers artists of all mediums, ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and affiliations opportunities to explore universal issues through a Jewish artistic lens. Art Kibbutz provides inspiring and peaceful space to work, learn and seriously explore the rich heritage of Jewish experience that informs their creative process.

Art Kibbutz was founded in 2010 and hosted over 200 artists in 5 different locations.

Art Kibbutz’s Summer Residency (May 31-September 19, 2016) offers shared, cooperative multidisciplinary space where artists experience a retreat-style residency just a short ferry ride from the frenetic buzz of New York City. While on Governors Island, artists create new works, develop their practice, and find potential collaborators, while drawing inspiration from community, learning, and our beautiful natural setting.

On Sundays, open studio events, lectures, artist talks, and arts fairs draw a large public audience to Governors Island. During the annual River To River festival, Governors Island Art Fair and Figment Festival, Art Kibbutz shares in receiving thousands of visitors to the island through our own programs of live performance and visual art installations in this stunning parkland setting.


Cost: $450 for 2 weeks minimum, $690 for 4 weeks – longer stay possible. All artists are subsidized to keep the residency fee affordable.


Application Fee: n/a


Number of Artists: Between 5 to 10 artists at a time.


Length of Stay: From 2 weeks to 4 months


Accommodations: Each resident is provided a private or shared studio space based on need and first come first serve basis. Larger presentation and meeting spaces are available for all participants, as well as access to the kitchen. Individual studio spaces are approximately 150–300 square feet, equipped with a desk, chair, and basic overhead lighting. As a Community of artists, we work together to create an environment of openness and creative exploration. Art Kibbutz Summer Residency operates in a historic, un-renovated building, which is vacant during the winter months, and is only minimally furnished. Each of us (artists, staff, and volunteers) is responsible for contributing to keeping our space safe and clean for our fellow artists and for visitors.

Please note:
– There are no special shared facilities such as a woodshop or media lab
– Tools: Artists must provide their own tools; some restrictions apply
– Air Conditioners and Fans: Art Kibbutz provides some air conditioners and fans -artists from outside of the NYC region and folks with medical issues get priority.
– Electricity: 
Power is available in 110 watts outlets. Artists are responsible for their own extension cords and power strips, cable ramps and other power cords. – Water: 
Water is not available in the house. Clean water is a 6 min walk, near the Ferry arrival dock. – Bathrooms: Restrooms with flushable toilets are a 6 min walk. A port-a-sans is located just behind our building. – Food: Art Kibbutz provides a shared refrigerator and microwave. Wonderful food vendors are close by, some of which are kosher.

OPENING HOURS The residency is open from 6:30AM to 5:30PM daily (closed on Saturdays, 6:30AM to 5:30PM on Sundays) May 29th to September 19, 2016.

TRANSPORTATION Governors Island is only accessible by a short ferry ride that runs from Manhattan and Brooklyn – on the weekends also from New Jersey and Staten Island at regular business hours (free for artist residents and visitors on weekends). The ferry runs once every hour, our building is a 6 minutes walk from the ferry.

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS Art Kibbutz does not provide living arrangement for this program.


Demographic/Medium: Any demographic and all mediums are accepted.


Benefits: Open Studios, Large festival participation, Beautiful natural setting, Learning opportunities, Community building


Deadline: Ongoing


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