28 Seaside Artist Residencies

28 Seaside Artist Residencies

September 2016
by Jess Anderson


28. Fort George AIR Program


Location: Vis Island, Croatia

+ : For 4 weeks, stay on Vis Island in Croatia in a rehabbed Naval fort, which now contains a restaurant, museum/exhibition space, and events space. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other visiting artists, participate in workshops, and enjoy any events that are being held while you are attending.

: At 900 Euro not including travel, supplies, living expenses… you’ll need to save up or apply for an outside grant.

Web: www.fortgeorgecroatia.com

27. The UnifiedField


Location: Nomadic, Phillipines

+: 15 days to 2 months, rolling deadline. Flexibility in placement, they can move you around according to the needs of your project, including the remote island in Surigao del Sur. Meals, housing, studio all provided with the fee, as well as hands on help to realize your project. Fee is adjusted and customized for each unique circumstance.

-: Not completely transparent in the costs, since they are customized to your length, needs, final location you choose of their options.

Web: www.tufnomadicairph.org/


26. Hrisey, Gamli Skoli (Old School)


Location: Hrísey, Iceland

+: This island is Iceland host an old schoolhouse building used for artist residencies, up to 4 at a time. You’ll be surrounded by a plethora of museums and activities to inspire you, from whale watching, to viewing the Northern Lights.

-: At 500 Euro a month for a live and work space, it’s unclear what other expenses and opportunities will be available to you, from food to art supplies to an exhibition space.

Web: www.nordanbal.is


25. IICAT Seaside Residency


Location: Mangalia, Romania

+: 24/7 access to studio space, situated right on the Black Sea with an amazing view, all 3 meals included, access to a library, and encouraging of a cross disciplinary practice. Everything is included (no fee) except travel costs and art supplies.

-: Since it’s in a quite remote area, you’ll need to plan your project by bringing most if not all art supplies you will need. Additionally, it’s a self driven residency with little programming involved.

Web: www.internationalinstitutearttheory.org


24. La Wayaka Current


Location: Desert island Guna Yala in the Caribbean sea between Panama and Colombia

+: Placed on a desert island amongst indigenous people, it’s a residency aimed toward working on a remote environment with a culturally diverse community, giving back to that community, and getting away from homogenized culture we are all used to. Workshops in textiles, carving, weaving, and extra-curricular activities involving music, dance and recycling. Additionally, the results will culminate in an exhibition, both at the island and at an unspecified venue in London, next year. The program is incredibly affordable at $300 a week.

-: Be ready to cut off from the outside world for a couple weeks, as there is no wifi, no phone signal, and no TV.

Web: lawayakacurrent.com


23. Pinea-Linea de Costa


Location: Cadiz Bay, Spain

+: Small groups of up to 4 admitted, focus on site specific work, and feedback from the curatorial staff on hand. Exhibition space for up to 4 people, studio space with 24/7 access. Affordable at 600 Euro a month, anywhere from 1-3 months.

-: Lodging is in the studio space as a courtesy, no other perks listed. No outside programming offered, the residency is more about a live-work space and creating an exhibition.

Web: pinea.org/index.html

22. Sa Taronja

Screen shot 2016-06-05 at 9.23.59 PM

Location: Mallorca, Spain

+: Flexible 1 week to 1 month residencies with small focus towards just 2 artists maximum in residence at a time. Converted from an old chicken farm, there are 5-10 studio spaces, with the option of your residency culminating in a workshop or an exhibition. Ceramics facilities, conference rooms, painting studios, and soundproof music rooms are all offered to produce your project.

-: Sa Taronja provides only housing and studio spaces, artists are responsible for the rest. Additionally, this is potentially Sa Taronga’s last year hosting residencies!

Web: www.sataronja.com


21. Electro-Etching Residency Workshop


Location: Canary Islands in Spain

+: Specifically geared towards etching, and an alternative, environmentally friendly method of etching into copper, iron, and zinc plates, the residency is ran like a workshop intensive. The home is 700 meters from the beach, the studio is fully equipped and non toxic, and the residence has ample space.

-: Very unclear on exact costs, and not for just anyone looking to make art… this is specific to printmakers interested in this one modality.

Web: www.en.crujera.com


20. ArtCenter/South Florida


Location: Miami Beach, Florida

+: With a building offering between 16 to 20 studios of varying size and cost, this residency offers a space to produce work amongst other like-minded artists, as well as exhibition opportunities and an extensive network for promoting your work. Resources include printmaking facilities, and with a rolling deadline, you can stay anywhere from 6 months to one year.

-: As an artist in residence program leaving responsibility of all housing, food, grants, income, supplies, or programming for the artist themselves to figure out and pay, it’s really more geared towards someone looking to rent a studio space in a collaborative style building, and exhibit their work in Miami Beach. Also, watch out for their “Printshop Residency”… they claim a $5000 stipend for one year, but given the fine print, you’re committed to a certain number of hours teaching and monitoring a lab.

Web: www.artcentersf.org


19. Centro de Arte Curaumilla


Location: Valparaiso, Chile

+: Established by a longtime professor, intern, and resident of Anderson Ranch, this ceramics only residency comes completely equipped for ceramicists, with all necessary facilities and a plaster room. The space is nestled right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, and there is a lot of room for growth and collaboration with the workshops, open plan studio space, and library.

-: Your project will need to be planned far in advance to prep with clay and materials, and although the price is fairly reasonable at $380 USD a week for studio and lodging, you will have to cook all 3 meals a day for yourself, and there is no easy way into town without a ride from the hosts.

Web: www.centrodeartecuraumilla.cl/en


18. Mountain Seas Arts


Location: Tasmania, Australia

+: With private trails to private streams and waterfalls, 2 kilometers to the beach, and tucked into the mountains, it’s an amazing experience for the nature loving artist to find inspiration. The residency is equipped with ample studio space and also offers kilns and facilities for ceramicists. At $200 a week for housing and studio space, it’s a bargain. Most artists find that 3-4 weeks is the best length to attend. Additionally, they support all types of artists, from visual artists, to performers, writers, and all other creatives.

-: Wifi is extremely slow and expensive on the island, and programming/workshops appears sparse.

Web: www.mountainseasarts.com.au




Location: Botopasi, Suriname on the Caribbean coast

+: Excellent programming schedule with workshops, meetings with local artists, lectures, and an open studios event among others, this residency promotes a group exhibition at the end and is organized by ARTCEB in Amsterdam. There are facilities for raku firing and ceramic installation, theater and music, and film. You will be staying in a small, intimate village of 2000 inhabitants, located on the edge of the Amazon rainforest and a freshwater river.

-: No hot showers (they suggest you swim in the river), no 24 hour electricity, no internet, and you’ll need to have plenty of vaccinations before arriving (malaria, yellow fever, etc), this is a true adventurer’s experience you are signing up for at nearly 45 Euro a day.

Web: www.artots.nl/artceb/


16. Fresh Milk


Location: Barbados

+: Fresh Milk works as the epicenter to the Caribbean hosting conferences every year about artist residencies. Located on a working dairy farm in Barbados, Fresh Milk provides accommodations for up to two artists at a time, a studio within walking distance, with a self-directed system for four weeks. Located in beautiful, tropical Barbados and in the middle of a hundred acre farm, Fresh Milk will host artists from 4 weeks to 4 months. The $1000 a month fee includes a studio space and housing, a library/reading room, and the support of the residency.

-: $1,000 USD for the month, no funding opportunities, artists must cover food and travel expenses, shared studio space, no special programming for artists in residence. Since there isn’t any funding available, it can be quite expensive, and you’ll need to bring in all your art supplies as well as budget for food and groceries. You’ll be working independently, mostly, and should prepare as such.

Web: freshmilkbarbados.com 


15. The Studios of Key West


Location: Key West, Florida, United States

+: A residency on a small island with a relaxed vacation attitude for one month at a time to create and stay in your live/work space. The time is yours to devote to your practice and interact with the community and other artists. Studio and housing is provided, as is an equipped bicycle for getting around the island.

-: You’ll need to take care of supplies and food expenses, and they can be quite high as you are away from the mainland on an island. Additionally, there’s no programming or events, so you will get what you put into it. 

Web: www.tskw.org

14. 18th Street Arts Center


Location: Santa Monica, California, USA

+: Many different programs offered, from a live-work space as a visiting artist for 1 to 3 months, to artist in residence for local artists from the LA area for a year, and even curator-in-residence opportunities. Residencies are fully funded, and offer gallery space for exhibiting work. There are ample opportunities to organize events, open studios, lectures by visiting artists, and symposiums.

-: Santa Monica is right on the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful city, but it’s quite busy and expensive to feed/entertain yourself. You’ll need a car to really get around Los Angeles.

Web: 18thstreet.org


13. Fire Island Artist Residency


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Devan Shimoyama

Location: Fire Island, New York, USA

+: A fully funded residency on Fire Island, New York, specifically for artists identifying as LGBTQ. There will be organized and intimate dinners with other artists, curators, professionals in the artist community, providing support and feedback. There are also free public lectures available to attend.

-: $45 application fee, it’s only offered for 1 month out of a year.

Web: www.fireislandartistresidency.org


12. Lighthouse Works


Location: Fisher’s Island, New York, USA

+: A well organized residency on Fisher’s Island, you are only a short 3 hour boat ride from either NYC or Boston. Residency includes housing, studio space, and support for artists from a letterpress studio, readings, concerts, and workshops. There are open periods of time year round with the exception of January and February. Funding is extremely generous with a travel allowance, hefty stipend, dinners, a fully stocked fridge, and of course housing and studio space.

-: Since the residency is so well funded, organized, and supported, you can expect some stiff competition in the application process. Also, the place is small and intimate, you will be sharing a home with the directors of the residency during your time there.

Web: www.thelighthouseworks.com


11. Skopoles Foundation


Location: Skopoles Island, Greece

+: Residencies last 2 weeks to 2 months, and are flexible with a revolving application due date. Studios are well equipped for ceramics, painting, and printmaking. There is a rich network of past attendees.

-: The cost is $500 for 2 weeks, and goes up from there, not including housing, food, or any other expenses… only a studio space. Programming seems limited and the residency is brief, it’s hard to see where this gives back to the artist other than offering a studio space for rent.

Web: skopartfoundation.org 


10. Cross Cultural Collaboration


Location: Accra, Ghana

+: An artist colony in Ghana supporting artists, children, craftspeople and teachers. There are workshops held often, and the space is a live/work space with vegetarian meals. The workshops vary and are frequent, from puppet making, to textile printing, to mosaics and fiber arts. You’ll be close to the ocean, and a wide community of other makers.

-: $1600 for about a 2 week residency, which includes living, workspace, and all meals. Technology is minimal, so be prepared to unplug and roll up your sleeves.

Web: www.culturalcollaborative.org


9. Beta-Local


Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

+: Great structure with workshops, lectures, and different programs suited to what you’re looking for, be it a studio practice or pedagocial approach, with a range of 2 weeks to 9 months. Library on site with selective books, great resources, seemingly very well organized. Program is free.

-: No housing, food, travel, or living expenses are covered, you’ll have to be prepared to commit about 20 hours a week and be able to take care of yourself in terms of food and housing.

Web: betalocal.org


8. The Lock Up Centre


Location: Newcastle, Australia

+: Programming in place, accommodation and studio space provided. A great amount and quality of alumni to the program legitimizes the residency, and it’s hosted in a renovated Police Station, a really neat alternative space. The staff is organized, there are events, lectures, and community programs, and the residency gives back to the Newcastle community as well.

-: Seemingly, the deadline for 2016 has passed and there is not an opportunity for 2017. Keep an eye on this one for another deadline! You’ll have to cover your own living expenses, art supplies, and travel, although accommodation and studio space is included.

Web: www.thelockup.org.au


7. Swatch Art Peace Hotel


Location: Shangai, China

+: Fully funded residency for 3-6 months, that provides lodging and studio space in an epic hotel. Covers air travel, travel visa, lodging, studio space, and breakfast every morning. It’s essentially a studio residency where you live and work amongst up to 40 artists at a time to build community, collaboration, and create amongst a group of like minded individuals. You are asked to leave behind a “trace”… a piece of work or evidence of your time there.

-: No programs, events, or workshops, this is mostly a space to create and reflect. If you’re looking for something with more structure and hosted talks, you’ll have to set these up on your own.

Web: www.swatch-art-peace-hotel.com/artist-residency


6. Instituto Sacatar

Casa Grande - Telhado novo

Location: Sacatar, Brazil (& Pasadena, California)

+: Ocean views as you are set up on an island! Fully funded with meals, airfare, studio space and accommodation, this residency is an immersive experience. The administrators will help with finding collaborators for artists, such as musicians, students, and actors. There is a library, woodshop, and a wealth of resources to make the most of your time with the residency.

-: Not ideal for all artists, as there is no kiln for ceramicists, and no darkroom for photographers, and generally the residency is low-tech with minimal access to complicated tools and materials (… I mean, it’s on an island people!)

Web: sacatar.org


5. DESPINA (Largo des Artes)


Location: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

+: Beautiful studio space with flexibility and a great amount of options to really build out and customize the residency you’re looking for, be it curatorial support, one on one sessions, proposing workshops or talks, and open studio events. The program is lead in either English or Portuguese, and can last from 1 to 3 months.

-: Expensive: the cost per month for studio and accommodation is 2,500 Euro, with 500 Euro expected upon admittance to the program. Also the program is very loosely built for each resident, and if you’re looking for something more organized and structured it may not be the residency for you.

Web: despina.org


4. Headlands Center for the Arts


Location: San Francisco, California, USA

+: Fully funded with a monthly stipend, 5 chef prepared meals a week, and roundtrip airfare in addition to housing and a large studio space… quite the treat! You’ll be well supported near a major metropolitan area, with the best of both worlds: you are working in a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, in rehabbed military barracks! There are field trips to Bay Area museums and galleries, resources for digital and woodworking artists, and a great deal of flexibility in accepting artists working across all media.

-: They prefer to not accept currently enrolled students, although PhD students will be considered on a case by case basis. There is also a $45 application fee, but you get what you pay for!!

Web: www.headlands.org


3. Djerassi


Location: San Francisco, California, USA

+: Private, small retreat style residency taking place in a large house, in a rural area of the Santa Cruz mountains. Housing, studio space, and a chef-prepared dinner five nights a week (and buys all the food) is provided, as well as ample work spaces, a darkroom, and music composition studio. The residency is in a quiet space tucked away in the mountains with an ocean view, and getting to the city is no trouble at all with about a 40 minute car ride. There is a firm deadline but with flexible dates, as you can dictate what month of the year is best for you to take the time.

-: This residency, like many others, is very self driven and intended as a place for you to focus on your own project and practice rather than building something for the community. As such, there isn’t any programming or events, just a peaceful respite for you to realize your piece(s). There is an application fee of $45, and you will have to cover your expenses (travel, supplies, and meals outside of dinner).

Web: djerassi.org


2. Edward Albee Foundation


Location: Montauk, New York, USA

+: Founded by the playwright from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, the space is a giant farmhouse fondly called “The Barn” about 2 miles from the ocean. The residency supports visual artists and writers. Studios and living quarters are provided, and it’s in a very peaceful location. Provided is a 4-6 week stay with 4-5 other artists.

-: Pretty standard arrangement here: you’ll need to pay for your own travel, expenses, and food. There are no programs or events or exhibition at the end… it’s more of a quiet time for you to create and reflect, while providing you with the space and environment.

Web: www.albeefoundation.org


1. Galveston Artist Residency


Location: Galveston, Texas, USA

+: 3 artists are accepted every year for a fully funded residency including housing, studio space, a $1000 stipend a month, and a bicycle… and this residency is an entire 11 months long! There will be exhibitions, film series, performances, open studios, and lectures along the way.

-: You’ll need to be ready to commit yourself, 11 months is not too small an amount of time to consider.

Web: galvestonartistresidency.org




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  1. Thanks for including Djerassi. Small correction? All meals are provided here–chef makes dinner five nights a week and buys all the food!

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