Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mission: ´ACE is an independent and non profit artist-in-residence centre for visual arts located in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.
Our residencies, exhibitions, international projects and workshops PROGRAMS act as bridges connecting foreign artists with artists from the Argentine provinces and all of them with the urban and social environment of the city, one of the Latin America cultural centres.
‘acePIRAR’s MISSION is to promote contemporary artistic practices that involve printmaking, photography, design, new media and performance exploring their mutual interfaces, as well as the capacity of multiple, through research and production residencies; promoting exchange, discussion, experimentation and collaboratively work.

It’s VISION is to be an inspiring place for creativity, that achieves to unite artists around the world and to short the distances between old and new technologies and artistic genres.




In the late 90’s, and based on her own experiences as an artist-in-residence in different parts of the world, Alicia Candiani began to imagine a new independent art production space located in Buenos Aires, her home city.
As a career artist trained in her country but with a wide international background, Alicia conceived this space as a bridge to unite artists from diverse races, national origins, religions, professional levels, gender identity as well as artistic disciplines linking all of them with the local community.
The opportunity to purchase a 100 years old house and to realize her vision arose in 2000. In 2004, Proyecto´ace moved to its “new” place, contributing to the neighbourhood recovery process which had begun in the 90’s.

Today, Proyecto ´ace counts with the best interdisciplinary facilities in the area, including three exhibition spaces, a non-toxic printmaking workshop, lab/dark-room, a reading room focused on Contemporary Art and Print Media and an apartment to host residents.

In 2010, ten years after starting with the idea and 5 years of implementing the first residency, Proyecto’ace became Fundación’ace approved by the Argentine Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights.




‘acePIRAR is located in the Colegiales neighborhood, an area close to the city center but free from it’s stunning and chaotic traffic.


We are surrounded mainly by houses or low flats, there are several TV studios, artists’ ateliers, art galleries, and spaces that worked as the breeding ground for emerging designers and cutting edge artists.


Our house is a family residence built in the year 1914 -a typical construction of the suburbs of the city from the early twentieth century- and neatly repaired for over a period of 2 years with the purpose of converting it into the dreamed space capable of developing our activities.


The restoration project respected the traditional structure of “casa chorizo” as well as recovered all the original rudiments that the house already had (the carpentry, some roofs, the pinotea floor of the project room) adding lots of value through a careful & specialized restoration process.


Cost: The ‘ace Artists-in-Residence International Program offers different types of residencies and each of them vary in costs.

General residencies cost is from USD 1440 for 4 weeks.

Production, Exploration, Sub30 (for artists under 30)


Residency for mural painters


Residency Fellowships and Stipends: Fellowships for local artists are offered occasionally but this is not a regular program. ‘ace does not offer stipend.


Application Fee: n/a


Number of Artists: Up to 5 Artists at a time


Length of Stay: The regular ‘ace residencies last 4 weeks. This can be modified according to each projects needs. We also offer the micro-residency of 5 days.




The ‘ace house is structured on a base of three main spaces: the POLIGLOTA ROOM, CENTRAL HALL AND MEZZANINE (Area for project development & exhibition), the PRINT WORKSHOP/DARK ROOM and the LIBRARY/DIGITAL MEDIA ROOM, which all complement with a private Studio named after “THE TOWER”, a coffee & lunch area, restrooms, a deposit and a beautiful TERRACE that houses the mural paintings.


Artists have two different possibilities of lodging:

1) Aloj´ace is our guesthouse, an apartment equipped to accommodate artists and curators. The apartment is fully furnished with a full kitchen and bath and all cost (Internet WI-FI, cable television, local phone usage, cleaning, linen and utilities) included. This apartment can receive up to two artists or a single artist with accompaniment.

2) The artist may arrange its own lodging by renting an apartment, staying with friends or in hostels, hotels, B&B, etc. Buenos Aires is a city that offers many lodging options.


Demographic/Medium: The ‘ace residencies are open for artists in all stages (emerging and stablished artists) and from all ages, countries of origin, races, languages or gender identities.


The ‘ace house is prepared to develop printmaking work, has special studios and library for research, offers a room with wooden floor and audio installation perfect for performance, provides projectors for audiovisual media and a terrace for mural painting.


Benefits: The ‘ace Artists-in-Residence International Program offers the chance to have:
–  Consultations and project counseling within a team of professionals composed by artists, theorists and curators
–  Community environment, working in collaboration is one of ‘ace’s mission
–  Lodging in the city center very close to important city attractions
–  Exhibition to show the project to the local community
–  Open Studio to share the project and discuss with the local community, Contacts within an important local and international network
–  Recommendations on how to move around the city.
–  Card for public transport and cell phone for local calls
–  Studio visits an be arranged
–  Promotion of the work through social media and a permanent profile in the ‘ace website


Deadline: January 31st, 2017


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