Deadline: Ongoing


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


Cost: Monthly costs for Residency program, which covers a bedroom in a shared apartment and a shared working studio – 730 €/month


Application Fee: n/a


Demographic & Medium: Our doors are open to international artists, all disciplines including visual arts, painting, sculpture, ceramics, performing, arts, textile art, literature, new media, animation, printmaking, curatorial studies, arts administration, movie making, architecture, design, dancing, music, playwrights and so on.




Number of Artists: Up to 5 artists at a time


Accommodations: Each artist has a unique separate room in a warm 6 room apartment in Sofia, with wifi and all required conveniences in the heart of the city. The shared working studio is located near the apartment and artist can use it 24/7.




Length of Stay: Flexible- from 1 to 3 months. Shorter periods of 1 or 2 month(s) is also possible.


Benefits: Open studios, Exhibition Opportunities, Studio Visits, Housing, Time, Space, Special location, Local adventures, Community (in-house and local), Workshops, & Teaching opportunities.


Mission: WORLD OF CO is warm and friendly Balkan Art Residency program located in Sofia, Bulgaria for artists from all over the world. The aim is to foster creative energies, promoting international artistic exchange, and introducing international artists to our vibrant and exciting country. You will have the opportunity to experience our mixture of artist-led critiques & support, to feel amazing Bulgarian traditions, and taste the spirit and atmosphere of some old villages and cities. Our more-than-beautiful Nature will inspire you, sustain and provoke your creative abilities and hopefully divert them into a totally new direction.

You are welcome to explore THE COntemporary COllaboration in the WORLD OF COntrasts!





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