Artist Immersion Program: Jaipur, India



Location: Jaipur, India


Deadline: October 11, 2017


Cost: $3000 includes lodging, airport transfers to Jaipur, workshop, travel and all meals. All meals are served at international hotels, using purified bottled drinking water. All food is safe for travelers.


Application Fee: n/a


Length of Stay: December 27- January 5 (10 days)


Demographic/Medium: Established to emerging artists. For our residency invest in your artistic practice of textile design. · Learn and make the ancient art of woodblock printing from a studio that promotes sustainability and empowerment. Make textile designs with a community of makers.




Accommodations: We are stationed at the Hotel Narian Niwas Palace in the heart of Jaipur. The hotel is like stepping into another time while in the present. A beautiful courtyard full of peacocks connects to one of the best bars in the city. Lounge and share a drink at night in private tent spaces. Rooms are adorned with painted walls and traditional Indian furnishings allowing you to immerse yourself in Indian design. Equipped with modern amenities, the hotel has everything you need in the present, alongside beautiful parts of the past.

Each day will include a group yoga session from a master healer and Yogi. Learn the ancient mindfulness practice of yoga, to enlighten your mind body connection.

India is a spiritual and vibrant country. The second half of the trip allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of Rajasthan the region of India traveling to several cities by private car. Experience a night in the Thar Desert with tent camping and traditional music under the setting sun. Connect to the spiritual and sublime.




Benefits: Nurture your own work while living as an artist in India. Artist Immersion Program offers artist residency opportunities to individuals of all levels and abilities interested in textile printing. Are you a designer interested in textiles or an artist looking to make more work? Join us for this fantastic program.

Work independently alongside students at the textile workshop. The print studio can accommodate you at any level, from an experienced designer or someone just beginning to make prints. Work to make woodblock prints, and textile

• Shared studio space at textile studio
• Create various textile designs approximately 2 M per day + you can make extra based on your productivity levels and interest
• Opportunities to share work with other artists


Number of Artists: Between 10-15 at a time




Mission: Artist Immersion Program creates a community of artists and makers who are empowered and engaged with the world. We cultivate creativity, empowering individuals to engage with the world in meaningful ways. Traveling to artistic sites around the world, we build a culturally sensitive community through learning and  making. AIP India allows artists to make textile designs alongside a grassroots block printing organization.

As an artist in residence with AIP, life and art unite. We believe that learning evolves from the studio, into walks, hikes, and conversations over dinner. We design the best experience for you, so that you can be as productive and engaged as possible. We encourage mindfulness and meaningful interactions within the AIP group and with the country of origin.

AIP was founded six years ago to design immersive learning experiences. We believe that travel allows us to see the world differently. We celebrate traditional art forms, and
contemporary formats.

Jaipur is an artistic metropolitan center in India. Smaller than Delhi, and known for its community of makers and artisans, this program is designed to allow visitors to  experience Indian culture and craft first hand through the guidance of experts. This two  week trip is the most authentic way to not just to see, but experience India. India is a vast country, full of many cultures and experiences. Jaipur is elegant a with a beautiful city center full of shopping, hotels and museums. Our program is stationed at the Hotel Narian Niwas Palace in Jaipur, and also includes travel to other incredible sites around Rajasthan staying in traditional Mud Houses and Green Houses.

Our ten day trip is split into textile workshops and immersion into Jaipur’s rich fiber history. Meet with multiple printing sites, work with and local artisans, visit textile museums, organic farms and eat incredible, clean and safe food.




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