Good Hart Artist Residency



Location: Good Hart, Michigan, USA


Deadline: January 31, 2018


Cost: There is no cost for artists to attend the residency, full room and board is provided including a fully stocked kitchen and meals 3-4 times per week with local hosts. 

All resident artists will receive a $500.00 stipend at the end of their residency.


Application Fee: $25 to apply




Length of Stay: Each residency session is 2-3 weeks in length, full details on this years sessions can be seen at our website at:


Demographic/Medium: The residency is open to artists and writers of all levels. International applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply.

– Must be over 21
– Need to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related field and pursuing art or writing as a professional career or if self-taught have pursued art or writing as a professional career.
– Must complete a competitive application process
– Artist’s and writer’s applications will be considered based on their work submitted and their interest in the program

Due to current facility constraints we are limited primarily to 2D visual artists and writers. Expanded facilities including a standalone studio space are planned for the 2019 timeframe.

The richly diverse habitats and our widely varying weather conditions provide dramatic content to artists interested in nature and landscape.




Accommodations: The resident artist is housed in an apartment/studio space on a residential property owned by the host family. The apartment/studio is located above a garage and is accessible only by stairs.

Note: The apartment is not handicap accessible.

The apartment includes:

Small sitting area
Private bathroom with shower
Queen size bed
Bedding and towels provided
Access to laundry facilities in the main residence
Mobile phone reception and internet access available but not always reliable
Radio reception but no television reception (TV is available to play DVDs)
Kitchenette: sink, microwave, small refrigerator and kitchen table
Basic supplies provided: miscellaneous cleaning items, shampoo, soap
The artist in residency apartment and property are a nonsmoking area
No pets are allowed

Studio Space – (area in the apartment)

6×11 foot studio space
Natural and track lighting
Work tables
Easels including a travel/field easel
Basic miscellaneous art supplies, drop cloth, mineral spirits,
rags, waste disposal


Benefits: Part of our mission is to connect the artist with the local community. We do this by facilitating collaboration with one of our local community partners. Typical projects include an artist workshop or talk during the residency.

We currently have partnerships with the following organizations; Crooked Tree Arts Center, Harbor Inc, Little Traverse Nature Conservancy, and the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan.

Additional information is available on our website at


Number of Artists: Up to 1 creative at a time




Mission: The mission of Good Hart Artist Residency is to connect artists and writers from around the world with the local community to inform, educate and empower people through art in the natural beauty of Northern Michigan.

We believe that connecting people from different backgrounds and cultures opens minds and makes for a more interesting and compassionate world. As our children were growing up we hosted multiple exchange students and always felt that we received far more than we gave. When our children left the nest we were left with an underutilized studio apartment space above our garage and we decided to start an artist residency program to provide opportunities and support to emerging artists. One of our daughters and our son-in-law are professional artists, and we have observed the challenges artists go through to grow their practice. Bill and I also see the importance of time to be creative in our everyday lives, through creating wearable and functional art, and cooking. Based on all of our experiences and a desire to support the arts we decided to establish the Good Hart Artist Residency program. We approached Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey, Michigan in 2013 and set up our first community partnership.

After four great years hosting artists, in 2017 we decided to expand the program to bring in more artists and writers and partner with additional community organizations. We see art as a driver of social change. By partnering with other nonprofit organizations and connecting them with artists with common interests, it helps both get their message out to the public in creative ways. We support artists by providing them a place, great food and time to immerse themselves in their work and in the scenic landscapes of Northern Michigan. Through partnering with other organizations we provide opportunities for the local community to meet the artists, see their work, engage them in conversation and participate in educational workshops and presentations.

The resident artist is housed in a rural setting within walking distance of Lake Michigan and the village of Good Hart, along the “Tunnel of Trees,” a Scenic Heritage Route. The Good Hart Artist Residency offers both a solitary experience and the option to visit studios of local artists.

The many local, state, county, and township parks offer inspiring landscapes and habitats that may be also be of interest. Some of these locations include: Little Traverse Conservancy Nature Preserves, Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Elmer Johnston Nature Preserve, Goodhart Farms Nature Preserve, and Readmond Township Nature Preserve. These richly diverse habitats and our widely varying weather conditions provide dramatic content to artists interested in nature and landscape.




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