Artist Immersion Program: Italy 2018


Location: Tuscany, Italy


Deadline: February 20th, 2018 & March 15th, 2018


Cost: The cost of the two-week residency is $1,700 which includes food/ group dinners, airport transfers to the villa from the airport, weekly excursion costs and lodging. Meals over the mid-weekend break and on travel days are not included. For a self catered experience, the cost is $1,300.


Application Fee: No application fee


Length of Stay: May 11 – May 24, 2018 [2 weeks]




Demographic/Medium: Emerging to established artists. Invest in your artistic practice- from painting and drawing, to writing and music. We are all-inclusive and encouraging of cross collaboration.




Accommodations: The villa has access to wifi and apartments are private or shared rooms. Private rooms are available for $400 extra for the program timeline. If you are interested in a shared room or rooming with a partner, please email us. Charges for a partner to come along are $900 without food, $1,200 with food. All residents will have access to a kitchen at the villa.

Open Access to Kitchen
Common areas/ facilities
​Studio space


Benefits: Artist Immersion Program allows you to live as an artist. This concentrated experience gives artists the time and space to deeply learn new skills and techniques for a lifetime. Throughout history, artists have traveled as a way to study the world. In this program, art is integrated into daily ritual and practice, connecting participants to culture, nature, food and learning. The days are pared down to beautiful meals with farm to table ingredients, cultural immersion and response through art making. We work to empower artists to develop self-confidence and sensitivity to the world around them.

We offer Open studios, exhibition opportunities, studio visits, time, space, workshops, local adventures, historical excursions, teaching opportunities, hiking and outdoor activities




Number of Artists: Up to 15 artists attend the program


Mission: Our artist residency program allows time for creation, relaxation and connection to a supportive and focused artist community. Set in the hillside of Tuscany, residents become immersed in Italian culture and the rich history of Italy. We invite you to live as an artist surrounded by a creative community. Self-directed projects of all disciplines are supported.

​​Artist residencies are independent experiences, where artists can work in studio space at the villa and interact with the larger group at meals, throughout the day and during travel. Artists can sign up to eat alongside the group or cook dinner at the villa independently. Artist residents are invited to travel with the group to historic locations once a week. Connect to nature by exploring the extensive park systems the villa resides in. Simplify your life and focus on your work. The villa functions as a studio space for residents at all times of day.

We began integrated learning experiences in 2012, in Italy, studying the landscape and architecture with painting and drawing. We continue to provide one of kind journeys to groups from around the world.

Most known for its influence on high culture and art, Tuscany, a central region of Italy is home to rolling landscapes, rich history and world renowned cuisine. Italy is an artistic center of the world. In the Renaissance, masters combined disciplines into large scale artworks. Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and other individuals integrated art, design, architecture, and engineering into culturally impactful works of art.


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