Athena Standards Residency



Location: Athens, Greece


Cost: The Residency cost is €1500 for one month, €1350/ mo. for two or three consecutive months and €1200/mo. for four months up until one year of residency. The Residency cost includes housing as well as 24 hour access to the studio building.

We don’t provide any fellowships or stipends through the Residency itself, but we are committed to helping artists secure funding through outside organizations, providing guidance on grants and stipend opportunities as well as issuing formal letters of acceptance to aid in the application process.


Application Fee: No application fee


Number of Artists: Up to 14 artists at a time


Accommodations: We provide shared housing with other residency artists around the Athens metropolitan area. The residency also provides the artists with a dedicated studio space in a repurposed commercial building. The studio boasts abundant natural light, and includes such amenities as a communal workspace/ woodshop, storage for works in progress, a kitchenette and lounge, keypad access and a security guard in the evenings, as well as a studio manager to provide assistance five days per week.

At this point in time we also have the unique opportunity to offer artists in residence the use of two other floors of the studio building, which have yet to be renovated, for the sole purpose of curating a pop up exhibition, installation or performance.




Length of Stay: One month up until one year


Demographic & Medium: We are looking for established or emerging artists with a serious studio practice, who are interested in spending a month or more in Athens, connecting with international artists and art professionals and contributing to a vibrant cultural community.

We have 14 semi-private studios, and we are equipped to accommodate painters, draftsman and installation artists. We have a basic community wood shop and a storage room for wet paintings. Our studios are equipped with WIFI, and we can welcome sound and video artists who work primarily on their laptops. We do not have a darkroom or a printing press, but we have hand rubbing tools and a pin roller, and we can offer studio space for photographers. We are looking forward to expanding to other floors in the building in the future, creating more space for printmaking and sculpture facilities. In the interim we have the unique ability to be able to offer the raw space as exhibition and installation opportunities for the artists in residence.




Benefits: Integrally, professional development opportunities abound throughout the residency program. It is our mission to allow for the exchange of ideas and to provide for the opportunity to form lasting professional relationships with international colleagues. Athena Standards’ in-house art historian and curator, Elizabeth Plessa, will be visiting the studios of the resident artists regularly to discuss the progress of their work.

Additionally, a series of visiting artist talks of various practitioners of the cultural industry have been organized so that by the end of their stay in Athens the ASR residents will have experienced a comprehensive consultancy regarding their practice. The residency program concludes with an open studio event in which members of the artistic community are invited to tour the studios and see the final works.




Mission: Athena Standards Residency was born of the idea that the city of Athens offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience simultaneously the vibrant urban culture of a contemporary city and the rich history of an ancient cosmopolitan center.

documenta 14 put the city of Athens on the map of the contemporary art scene, and as a result there has been an influx of art practitioners to Athens. The city continues to be an artistic hub, welcoming people from all over the world, who have found new ground to express their ideas.

Athens Standards Residency was initiated in 2017 in response to the need for dedicated space and community, in order to carry forth in the vein of cultural production and exchange. With the intention of creating a network of international and local artists, the residency program aims to encourage a dialogue with the local art scene.

The residency program provides the artists with a dedicated studio space in a repurposed commercial building, located in a bustling neighborhood of coffee shops, bars and restaurants and conveniently situated next to the Kato Patissia Metro stop.


Deadline: Rolling Deadlines (monthly)

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