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  1. If you are looking for a residency run by a belligerent director, then le CouveNt is the place for you. The other three people involved in the organization are lovely, but the director is rude, unprofessional and enjoys yelling at people for being nice to each other. The residency is advertised as one that encourages collaboration and discussion, but the director wants artists to stay in their room and to not speak to one another. The equipment listed on the information pages, is not really available and it angers the director if you ask to use it. He is not supportive of projects and is more interested in discussing how much the equipment costs than allowing artists to use it.

  2. Venice Printmaking Residency Italy http://resartis.org/en/residencies/list_of_residencies/?id_content=5144
    does not exist, yet they took my money, housed me for six days then i was forced into the street to find a hotel at mid-season rates.
    I have banded together with six other people in the same position. It has cost me over 3000E plus the cost of getting here from Australia.I am chasing them through the courts for the money they owe me and compensation. If you can’t afford a court case, DON’T GO THERE

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