Kristin McWharter, 2015 AHA Grant

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2015 Artists Helping Artists Grant Recipient


“I am thrilled to be a recipient of the Artists Helping Artists Grant. This opportunity has provided me with time and space to fully commit myself to a new work titled “Hear Charm City” at the Vermont Studio Center. The work aims to bring the voices of Baltimore City Community members to an easily accessible, public platform through a series of 30 second animated videos posted in an online format. These videos hope to foster and encourage open communication within the Baltimore community as well as sub communities and cultures within the city. The project is scheduled to launch to the public in March 2015.” — Kristin McWharter, 2015
Kristin McWharter is a multi-disciplinary artist working and residing in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her work, often in the form of immersive sculptural installations, videos, and viewer-inclusive performances, is an exploration of how groups socially choose to connect or created distance and how the personal experience of awkwardness manifests from within those groups. The boundaries of social intimacy and personal narrative physically and visually manifest themselves in her work as she uses performative objects and environments as a means to invoke viewer’s individual relationships towards proximity, competition, sincerity and comfort.
She recently has begun a new body of work addressing how personal narratives, when recounted, have the ability to profoundly move and motivate us as viewers. As such, she has embarked on a series of short animations inspired by street interviews through which she attempts to capture the importance of personal narratives and use their sense of intimacy to instill a sense of agency within individuals and communities.

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On behalf of Rate My Artist Residency, Kristin McWharter, was awarded a $200 unrestricted grant to offset the cost of attending The Vermont Studio Center in Stowe, Vermont. McWharter is one of three grant recipients based in the United States that demonstrate financial need to be able to attend a residency they have been accepted to in 2015.
Our Hopes, at Rate My Artist Residency, is that the grant inspires artists to keep helping each other and enables the opportunity to attend an artist residency anywhere in the world.
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