Stephanie Clark, 2015 AHA Grant

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2015 Artists Helping Artists Grant Recipient


FROM Santa Fe, NM to Gullkistan and Nordanbál Gamli Skolí in Iceland
“Throughout the winter and early spring of 2015 (02-01-2015 – 04-01-2015) I will be working and residing in two, rural, Icelandic communities, Laugarvatn, a small village in the south of Iceland and Hrísey located, in northern Iceland. In Laugarvatn I will be in residence at Gullkistan, while in Hrísey, I will be an artist-in-residence at Norðanbál Gamli Skóli. I have chosen these particular locales in order to fulfill the conception of a new body of paintings from the forthcoming series entitled Slüma. “Slüma” or “sloom” is a noun in Icelandic that represents a gentle sleep or slumber. Concerning my work I envision Slüma physically incarnated by winter landscape. Traveling to communities that experience deep winters within a country bordering the 49th parallel—the Arctic Circle— embodies the visual and characteristic winter geographies that I would like to record through painting during my future appointed residencies.
Through the awarded Artists Helping Artists Grant 2015, my practice, while residing in Iceland, will be greatly assisted. Through these granted funds, I will have the opportunity to sustain my work and self while residing in Iceland for several months. Not only will my practice and work be aided, moreover, Rate My Artist Residency has become a part of this project that I have envisioned for several years. To witness a community of support for my practice and projects evolve in such a way as this, is an invaluable experience that I am extremely grateful to have as I begin my ventures and extend my practice to Iceland.” — Stephanie Clark, 2015

Born in Alamogordo, NM (1988), Stephanie Clark is an artist who has lived nomadically for the majority of her life. She currently resides and works in Minneapolis, MN. Clark received a Post-Baccalaureate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts (2011), and a BFA with cum laude honors from The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota (2010).

Clark is the recipient of residencies, fellowships, and awards including Gullkistan, Eyvindartunga, Laugarvatn, Iceland (forthcoming 2015); Norðanbál Gamli Skóli, Hrísey, Iceland (forthcoming 2015); Artscape Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, Toronto Island, Toronto, ON, Canada (2014); Vermont Studio Center Residency and Artist Fellowship, Johnson, Vermont (2014); Grin City Collective, Grinnell, Iowa (2013); Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside Residency and Merit Fellowship, Troy, New York (2013); and The Homestead, Willow, Alaska (2012).

Her work has been featured on Akimbo (Toronto, ON, Canada); Art Hound (Brooklyn); Artfetch (Dublin); Artsy Forager (Eureka); Booooooom! (Vancouver); Buy Some Damn Art (Brooklyn); Hyperallergic (Brooklyn); and 365 Artists | 365 Days (Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery, Milwaukee and Sheboygan, WI). Clark’s work has been published in KNACK Magazine (Santa Fe, NM) (forthcoming February 2015); Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue V, and will be featured on the forthcoming cover of the Chicago Review, Issue 59:1/2.

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Gullkistan, Iceland

Gullkistan, Iceland

Gamlí Skolí, Iceland

Gamlí Skolí, Iceland

On behalf of Rate My Artist Residency, Stephanie Clark, was awarded a $200 unrestricted grant to offset the cost of attending  Gullkistan and Nordanbál Gamli Skolí in Iceland. Clark is one of three grant recipients based in the United States that demonstrate financial need to be able to attend a residency they have been accepted to in 2015.
Our Hopes, at Rate My Artist Residency, is that the grant inspires artists to keep helping each other and enables the opportunity to attend an artist residency anywhere in the world.
Thank you to the following contributors on our indiegogo campaign: Charlotte Henning, Ben Seretan, Molly Segal, Liz Harney, Sarah M. Divi, Becca Wallach, Amanda Bonaiuto, Katrina Neumann, Piero Passacantando, Helena Hsieh, Christopher Ford, Joanna Tam, Sue Burickson, Loretta Park, Paula Damasceno, Aaron Finbloom, John Guy Petruzzi, Kimberly Ruth, Eunice Choi, Andrea Rosen, Stephanie M Clark, Sarah Witt, Sarah Folts, Shannon Gilbert, Emmy Bean, Alma Leiva, Carrie Ruddick, Kira Simon-Kennedy, and Rate My Artist Residency.
A Special Thank You to a dear friend and contributor, Crystal Ruth Bell, co-founder of China Residencies and Constant supporter of RMAR’s Dreams and Goals, whom recently passed away in 2014.