Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Mission: SOMA is a space to reflect and discuss about different art events in the national and international level. SOMA’s mission is to encourage dialogue, collaboration and even confrontation between artists and cultural producers from different backgrounds and generations. Through its educational programs, residences and public lectures, in SOMA the aesthetic, political and social consequences of art production are analyzed collectively.

Though not exclusively, workshops and seminars this summer will focus on the re-performance of history. Through examination of performance and its mediation (photo, video, and other forms of documentation), the group will explore the ways in which narrative, appropriation, fact/fiction and other devices simultaneously question and shape ideological subject positions both within individual and mass consciousness. Conventions of storytelling, archival research and the role of memory will all figure into group discussion.

Cost: information unavailable

Application Fee: Free

Number of Artists: Up to 25 artists at a time

Accommodations: information unavailable

Length of Stay: July 01 – August 09

Demographic: information unavailable

Medium: Visual artists, primarily focused in performance, photography, and video

Benefits: Amazing intensive workshops hosted by top professionals in their field and thus the outcome of heavily researched and though-provoking work

Deadline: October 23, 2013 for 2014 Season



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