Takt Kunstprojektraum


Location: Berlin, Germany

Mission: Takt Kunstprojektraum is an autonomous initiative started by artists in 2003. It runs without any external funding. Since 2009 the residency has become the central element of the project.

10 rooms are set up as an Artist Residency program, designed to host active artists visiting Berlin. The work rooms are the core elements of this effort.

The main goal of the residency program is to provide artists visiting Berlin quick access to an environment that will foster their creative energies. Participating artists are invited and expected to explore their creative paths. These residencies are offered as an opportunity, but it is up to the artist to make full use of it. We do our best to assist and support, but each artist is responsible for their own activities.

Cost:  Fees between 650-950€ per month depending on size of the studio
plus maintenance: 20€ monthly, 50€ one time, 250€ key deposit

All costs must be covered by the artists. When selected and after booking the studio we can send invitations to artists who want to apply for funds.

Application Fee: Free

Number of Artists: Up to 10 at a time

Accommodations: Live/work space. The studios/rooms are all on the same floor, on either side of an L-shaped hallway. There are two kitchens and two bathrooms, which are shared by all those in the space.

Length of Stay: 1 month

Demographic: The Takt residency has a strong element of community, and may be different from other residency programs you are familiar with. It merges a community environment with creative artistic exploration. The people attending the residency comprise a community of international artists, meeting in the space for a limited period.

Medium: Visual Artists

Benefits: Organize meetings, at which the artists can present their work and exchange ideas, one open studio day each month, exhibition artists can pay for

Deadline: Ongoing deadline



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