Joanna Tam on Woodstock AIR

16 Apr
JoannaPicPhotograph (c) 2014 by Joanna Tam


“A lot of us do not want to be passive and wait for opportunities to come. Instead we take initiative and make things happen.” -Joanna Tam


Read More about Joanna Tam’s experience at The Center for Photography at Woodstock (Woodstock AIR) here:

Wave Hill Residency

7 Apr


Location: Bronx, New York

Mission: Wave Hill’s Winter Workspace program offers workspaces to artists to encourage experimentation, the development of new work or pursuit of a project using the exceptional garden and woodland settings as a source conducive to the creative process. Through the program, artists can also pursue public engagement through workshops and open studios. A total of 12 artists participate, including two Van Lier Visual Artist Fellows, split up into two sessions with six artists in each.

The residency is a way to open our site to artists and to cultivate an ongoing relationship with them. Artwork created will not necessarily be exhibited, but future opportunities for programs, workshops, readings, performances and exhibitions might be pursued.

The application process is by nomination only. If you are interested in being nominated to apply, submit a General Opportunities application, which is posted online in the fall (

Cost: There are no fees for the residency. Wave Hill offers a $1000 dollar stipend plus an additional $500 if the artist leads a workshop.

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: 10 artists accepted to Winter Workspace plus 2 Van Lier artists, 6 artists taking part at a time.

Accommodations: Studio space. Artists must have their own living accommodations.

Length of Stay: 6 weeks

Demographic: Emerging and mid-career artists living in the New York area.

Medium: Visual Arts

Benefits: Studio space, stipend, technical assistance and opportunity to interact with the public through leading a workshop and participating in open studios.

Deadline: To be considered for nomination to this program, artists should submit a General Opportunities application, which is posted online in the early fall with a deadline in December.

Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate Is about 20%, but it should be noted that only those artists that are nominated may apply.

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Artist in Wilderness Residency

7 Apr


Location: Aspen, Colorado

Mission: The Wilderness Workshop’s mission is to protect and conserve the wilderness and natural resources of the Roaring Fork Watershed, the White River National Forest, and adjacent public lands.

WW is a non-profit organization that engages in research, education, legal advocacy and grassroots organizing to protect the ecological integrity of local landscapes and public lands. We focus on the monitoring and conservation of air and water quality, wildlife species and habitat, natural communities and lands of wilderness quality.

Artists are expected to use their residency to derive inspiration from and make art in the White River National Forest or nearby federal public lands. They are asked to donate to the Wilderness Workshop one original work made during the residency or inspired by it, and to license certain reproduction rights to other works from the residency to allow WW to raise funds for the program.

The Artist in Wilderness Resident will provide Wilderness Workshop with one original framed piece of at least 16” x 20”. Additionally, he/she shall give to WW reproduction rights and professional or hi-res photographs of at least five works resulting from the residency. WW will use these works for posters, notecards, calendars and other fundraising tools to promote the organization’s goals and to perpetuate the AIW program. All pieces should be delivered to WW within two months of the residency.

The Artist in Wilderness program honors the memory of Wilderness Workshop co-founder Dottie Fox while promoting the importance of wilderness in our lives. Dottie expressed her reverence for nature through her art. She spent much of her time painting the landscapes that she sought to protect, and shared her love of art through teaching many students independently and as a college instructor.

Cost: A $1500 stipend provided, and reimbursement for travel to/from Aspen up to $1000 ($400 for Colorado residents)

Application Fee: $25 application fee

Number of Artists: Two artists in the fall of 2014 for one week, and two artists in early summer of 2015 for one week. The artist residents will take part in the residency one at a time.

Length of Stay: 1 week

Accommodations: The Wilderness Workshop will provide each selected artist with housing, a guide as required, a $1500 stipend, and reimbursement for travel to/from Aspen up to $1000 ($400 for Colorado residents). Good health and endurance are essential. The artist will be responsible for his/her own food, equipment and materials, and will be expected to comply with all relevant USFS/BLM regulations.

Demographic/Medium: Professional artists working in any medium of painting or drawing are welcome to apply.

Benefits: Artists will benefit from the ability to create art in a wilderness setting of solitude and nature.

Deadline: June 15

The Wilderness Workshop’s Artist in Wilderness residency program invites applications for four one-week residences in 2014-15. There will be two sessions in the fall of 2014, and two in the early summer of 2015.

Acceptance Rate: n/a

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Joan Engler hi res



ICA Residency in Umbria

29 Mar


Location: Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy

(Using many of the same facilities as the former International School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Our scope is a bit broader, including opportunities for writers and other creative arts persons.)

Mission: The ICA Residency in Umbria is designed to allow residents uninterrupted time to pursue their work in a peaceful, focused environment in Italy at the International Center for the Arts of Monte Castello di Vibio.  Our mission is to create opportunities for focused creative energy as well as dialogue within the community. The intersection of fellow residents, the distinguished Faculty of Resident and Visiting Artists, students and the cultural community  of Monte Castello offers ongoing opportunities for dialogue––for new perspectives on one’s work and oneself. Within its walls, the village of Monte Castello provides a unique kind of solitude, creating a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere where one can work undisturbed. Clarity of thought is fostered in an environment where one is surrounded by hills and distant mountains and rewarded by panoramas at every overlook. Echoes of the civilizations that have passed through this little village on a mountaintop stir the imagination. Discussions with fellow residents over morning coffee in the piazza or over dinner on the terrace overlooking the Tiber Valley watching the moonrise helps to facilitate critical exchange and fosters creative growth.

Our location in Monte Castello di Vibio is close to the exact geographic center of Italy, with easy access to major public transportation hubs. We can facilitate car rental an/or private drivers and give travel advise as well, thus making travel to major urban areas and seldom seen remote sites equally accessible. Our residency program dovetails with our Studio School, and as such includes weekly field trips by bus to Rome, Florence, Assisi and other nearby sites to provide assess to urban centers as well as research opportunities in one of the most fascinating regions in the world.

Cost: 3450 Euro for three weeks with longer visits of up to 9 weeks or more possible. Airport transfers included.

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: Up to 15 at a time

Length of Stay: 3-9 weeks

Accommodations: Residents are provided with three delicious communal Umbrian meals per day and double occupancy accommodation in apartments in the historic village or single occupancy dormitory accommodation in a restored twelfth century convent. Single accommodations supplement possible.
Visual artists are given studio space and access to studio classrooms, writers and other non-visual art residents are provided appropriate private workspace.

Residents pursue their own interests, working in their studio spaces in the village or in the landscape any time of day or night, and may audit one class concurrently offered by the Studio School, provided they commit to regular attendance.

Demographic/Medium: We invite international artists in all media, writers, scholars,  educators and residents in other creative disciplines to our program.

Benefits: Additional benefits include regular talks by Resident Faculty, Visiting Artist and Performer lectures and performances in the Teatro Concordia. We provide  housekeeping and linens, kitchen amenities in our apartment accommodations.  Private studios with beautiful views are available as well as figure drawing or sculpture sessions in larger shared spaces. A comprehensive digital image library and wi-fi internet are available in our Commons Rooms 24 hours a day.  An End of Session Resident Exhibition in the ICA Gallery or Presentation completes every residency.

Deadline: April 30th

Acceptance Rate: n/a

US Phone:  (803) 479-4639 & (803) 479-4637


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3 crit




Artists Helping Artists Grant

28 Mar

RMAR Grant Logo


It is with great pleasure to announce the new initiative by Rate My Artist Residency. The Artists Helping Artists Grant is an unrestricted need-based residency grant for four artists living in the USA that are accepted to a residency in 2015.

The Artists Helping Artists Grant is an idea launched from Rate My Artist Residency’s subtitle. One of the most difficult obstacles with artist residencies is being able to afford the residency. I want to utilize crowd-sourcing fundraising on indiegogo to create a grant that need-based artists in the United States can apply to unrestricted funding for a residency in 2015. The artists’ who apply to the grant must provide proof of need-based income and a letter from the residency with their acceptance in 2015. A jury will review finalists and select the recipients of the Artists Helping Artists Grant. The application for the grant will launch in Fall 2014 and the award will be announced in the new year of 2015.

All of the funds from the fundraising goal (whether more or less) will be split into four unlimited need-based residency grants. The grant is awarded to four artists that demonstrate a need for financial assistance and have been awarded a residency for the following year. The unrestricted grant allows the artist to attend the residency and be able to pay for residency fees, materials, travel, room, board, shipping of materials, food, etc. The use of the funds are at the discretion of the artist while in residence. Your contributions help other artists carve out the time and space needed to make their work and build their career through the social opportunities provided at artist residencies worldwide.

The Impact

It goes without saying that for many years artists have benefited from residency programs around the world. Each program is an individual gem and at times a utopia for artists to temporarily exist. These programs give artists the vital time and space allowing them to work on their projects, ideas, and creation of contemporary culture. I always considered artist residency programs as an alternative business conference for the art world. Artists attend these spaces as think tanks, social network hubs, and pockets of conversation and dialogue analyzing our current and future position as a society in the world today. Artists are catalysts and act as the epitome representation of freedom in society. By supporting the works of artists, you are supporting progressive thought, change, challenging thought provocation, the right to a free equal society, and an individual working on cultural production.

Your contributions create a dynamic shift in grant giving through crowd-sourcing and contributing to the career of a need-based artist. Thank you.

Link to the Campaign on idiegogo

Fort George AiR Programme

27 Mar


Location: Island of Vis, Croatia

Mission: The Fort George Creative Society (FGCS) exists to support art, to promote community and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and to provide a stage not only for international art in Croatia, but for Balkan creativity in the context of Europe by hosting residency programmes, exhibitions, concerts and other events.

Fort George is a 201 year-old British naval fort set atop a headland on the beautiful island of Vis in Croatia. Currently undergoing an extensive and loving restoration, the building houses a restaurant, outdoor event space, museum and arts venue, as well as being the home of FGCS.

The 2014 FGCS summer residency programme aims to promote collaboration and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between artists but also to encourage creative responses to the local community, culture and environment.

Social events and workshops aimed at connecting the artist with the local history, culture and community will be arranged. Additionally, the artist is of course free to enjoy any of the events (such as parties or concerts) scheduled at Fort George during their stay.

Cost: 900 Euro

Application Fee: No Application Fee

Number of Artists: Up to 5 artists at a time

Length of Stay: 4 weeks

Accommodations: Accommodation and studio space on the island of Vis will be provided, as well as assistance with any material requirements. At the end of their residency, artists will be expected to present some recent work, whether as part of an exhibition, screening, lecture or other medium. FGCS requests that artists contribute some work to be exhibited in the Fort George gallery, and mention FGCS in any work created during the residency, be it in the form of a credit, an acknowledgement or a logo placement. FGCS will also document the residence program and the stay of the residents, artists, curators for social media, website and press purposes.

Demographic/Medium: Emerging to Established National and International Artists. Current residents’ practice include experimental mediums, performance, painting, printmaking, photography, installation, video, sound, text, collaborations, and sculpture.

Benefits: n/a

Deadline: June 1

Please send a project proposal, a CV or bio, and any images you feel would support your application (max. total size of attachments: 10MB) to

Acceptance Rate: n/a


Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.59.19 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.58.55 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.00.00 AM


Montalvo Arts Center

23 Mar


Location: Saratoga, California

Mission: The Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency Program (LAP) is designed to offer artists from a range of disciplines an environment conducive to individual and collaborative creative practice. Seeking to stimulate an energetic exchange of ideas between culturally diverse Fellows and across varied artistic fields and scholarly disciplines, the residency has earned international recognition as a model of curatorial practice supporting the development of new and challenging contemporary work. 

Located amidst a 175-acre natural landscape, Montalvo was built by the late Senator James D. Phelan in 1912. Upon his death in 1930, the Senator gifted his beloved Montalvo to the San Francisco Art Association to be maintained “as a public park [with] the buildings and grounds immediately surrounding… to be used as far as possible for the development of art, literature, music, and architecture by promising students.” After assuming trusteeship, the Art Association announced their intent to launch an artist residency at Montalvo, the third program of its kind in the United States. In 1939, Montalvo’s residency opened with five artist studios and a small gallery in the historic Villa. At the official opening, Dr. Stephen Pepper, head of the art department at the University of California, Berkeley stated, “Through the cooperation of artists and the community, Montalvo in its silence and beauty, will become one of the creative forces of the world.”

Cost: Lucas Fellows are identified through an international nomination process that ensures support for highly qualified artists who have the potential to become major voices in the next generation of creative thinkers. The residency also seeks to support under-served artists who might not find their way into a residency program. Nominated artists are invited to apply for a Fellowship; all applicants are then juried by professionals in their respective fields. Selected artists are offered a 1-3 month Fellowship.

Application Fee: No application fee; by nomination only

Number of Artists: Up to 7 artists at a time

Accommodations: 2004 celebrated the opening of the Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency Program facility. The 10 LEED certified, discipline-specific live/work studios and commons buildings were designed by six unique teams of architects in collaboration with contemporary artists. Each studio is wireless, and the residency has tools, technology, and production equipment available for visiting artists as needed.

While at Montalvo, Lucas Fellows are granted time for solitary exploration, creation, research and contemplation, as well as the opportunity to engage with fellow residents, colleagues, and the wider community of Silicon Valley. The Program’s international focus fosters a rich cultural and ethnic diversity that supports a variety of perspectives within a global framework. Evening dinners, created by the resident Culinary Artist, provide artists opportunities to participate in stimulating conversations, exchange of ideas, and develop collaborative partnerships that extend beyond the residency.

Studios 20 & 21: Daniel Solomon’s two composer/musician studios are self-contained units, which isolate sound from the environment. The studios are nestled into the hillside, which act as a natural sound barrier. Portable screens will be placed between the composing and sleeping areas. One side of the screen is sound-reflective while the other is sound -absorptive. In this way, the composer can make adjustments in the reverberation of the room; in essence, tuning the composing room to her/his specific needs.

Studios 30 & 31: Lee Breuer’s “Death in Venice” and “Sister Suzy Cinema” provided a rough framework for this pair of writers cottages. Like two characters from two plays by the same hand, these cottages are sympathetic yet contrary, disciplined yet laid back, orthodox yet radical. They are designed to provide resident writers a palette of experiences to complement their need for the right place to work.

Studios 40 & 41: Mack and Ireland used the “pinwheel” house designed in 1954 by Peter Blake in collaboration with Jackson Pollack as a jumping off point for their collaboration on two visual artists’ live/work spaces. Each with its own signature stylistic qualities, the two studios compliment one another. Artist and architect established the sizing of the building and its spaces to create a comfortable environment for the visiting artists.

Studios 50 & 51: Jim Jennings’ writer’s studio was composed with attention to an idea of beauty defined throughout Milosz’s poetry. According to Milosz, beauty and clarity are found through careful attention to the articulation of volumes and spatial experience. The entire structure is cut into the side of the slope, berming earth to one side and allowing it to slope away from the other.

The block-shaped studio for visual artists was conceived as a composition of four cubes. Pulling ideas of lightness and heaviness from the work of Richard Serra, the structure balances these positions through material and composition.

Studios 60 & 61: Adèle Naudé Santos and Doug Hollis decided that it was important to design the visual artists’ studios with separate living and working spaces to prevent unnecessary fumes from entering the live space. Each space has a singularly different character. The workspace is more introverted, with the roof curving down, while the live space is more extroverted and view oriented, with the curve of the roof opening to the sky. The two spaces are visually connected via a diagonal view across a connecting terrace.

Length of Stay: 1-3 months

Demographic/Medium: Residencies are offered in all contemporary artistic disciplines including the visual arts, design, literary arts, film, choreography, performance art, music and composition, and teaching artists. The LAP welcomes artist’s collaborators from overlapping fields, including science, technology, and other scholarly research. The Program is the first in the United States to offer an annual Culinary Artist Residency.

Benefits: Lucas Fellows enjoy unique access to the resources of the Arts Center, enabling them to present their work to Silicon Valley and Bay Area audiences. Engagement with the general public is encouraged both formally and informally. Montalvo Arts Center offers an annual thematic arts program developed through the LAP. Current and past Lucas Fellows are invited to respond to the annual theme through exhibitions in Montalvo’s Project Space Gallery and Art on the Grounds program, New Directions performance series, In Conversation literary events, Final Fridays public presentations, as well as screenings, workshops and outreach. Often these opportunities take the form of newly commissioned works and projects that engage both Montalvo’s natural and built environments as well as its diverse communities.

On the last Friday of each month, Montalvo offers the public a sneak peek into the LAP as one Lucas Fellow presents his or her creative process and work through conversations, lectures, performances, or demonstrations. These presentations allow artists an opportunity to reflect on their practice.

Deadline: Nominated artists are invited to apply for a Fellowship; all applicants are then juried by professionals in their respective fields.

Acceptance Rate: n/a





18th Street Arts Center

23 Mar


Location: Santa Monica, California

Mission: 18th Street Arts Center values art making as an essential component of a vibrant, just, and healthy society. Its mission is “to provoke public dialogue through contemporary art making.” Founded in 1988, 18th Street Arts Center has fostered and supported the work of many of Los Angeles’ most engaging artists, and has built bridges to artist communities around the globe.

18th Street Arts Center’s residency program helps to build and to strengthen the creative community by working with local, national and international artists and curators. There are three types of residencies, including long-term “anchor tenants,” who have helped to define the character and scope of the organization; mid-term residencies open to local artists that occupy either live/work or work studios for 1 year or more; and a visiting artist program that hosts international and national artists and curators from between 1 to 3 months.

18th Street Arts Center’s visiting artist residency program has hosted more than 300 artists from dozens of countries around the world since it first began in 1992. Their presence at the center has enlivened the multicultural dialogue of Los Angeles. Over the past seventeen years, more than 700 diverse visual and performing artists have participated in programs at 18th Street Arts Center ranging from group and individual exhibitions to special events and presentations at the center’s popular Art Nights.

Cost: 18th Street Arts Center works with a variety of national and international partners to fund the visiting artists. These include private foundations supporting the arts, as well as government entities such as foreign consulates, national and state organizations. Each resident must be funded in order to participate in the program. If funding is not identified through partner organizations, artists may also be self-funded, meaning that they cover the basic costs of the residency.

Visiting artists travel costs and stipends are provided by the foundation or government agency funding their residency. Self-funded artists do not receive travel costs or a stipend from 18th Street Arts Center.

Mid-Term studios are subsidized in part by 18th Street Arts Center, in an effort to provide artists with affordable rental properties.

Application Fee: No application fee

Number of Artists: Up to 35 Artists, Curators, and Organizations at a time

Accommodations: Residents are provided with a fully furnished live/work studio apartment at our center, with cable TV, wireless internet, bikes, full kitchen and full bath We are located blocks away from the beach in sunny Santa Monica, and in midst of the exciting, vigorous Los Angeles arts community. While each studio is a different configuration, they are all close to 1,000 square feet lofts and spacious enough to hold events such as presentations of your work, studio visits. Residents are given access to office, computer, and audio/visual equipment, as well as meeting space.

Mid-term residencies are open to local artists that rent either live/work or day studios at the center for 1 year or more. There are currently no Mid-term Artist Residency studios available. When there is an opening, 18th Street Arts Center posts the listing on our website, as well as sending out a call for applications through diverse media outlets. Mid-term Artist Residency studios open up every 2 to 3 years. Long-term Artist Residency studios do not generally become available.

Length of Stay: Local artists that occupy either live/work or work studios for 1 year or more; and a visiting artist program that hosts international and national artists and curators from between 1 to 3 months.

Demographic/Medium: 18th Street Arts Center’s Visiting Artist Residency Program hosts artists from across the United States and from around the world. This program hosts artists of all disciplines and occasionally invites art curators, writers and musicians.

The Mid-Term program is open to artists of all disciplines, as well as small, artist-run initiatives.

18th Street Arts Center’s Long-term Residency Program encompasses two types of residents including individual artists and art organizations. These “anchor tenants” have helped to define the character and scope of the organization. Many of these residents have been with the organization since it was founded in 1988.

Benefits: 18th Street Arts Center has a vibrant, critical gallery program and offers diverse public events including artist talks, presentations, concerts and an annual fall festival.

Deadline: Ongoing (1 year to 18 months in advance of an artist’s arrival. However, opportunities may arise within a period of months if there is a sudden vacancy)

Acceptance Rate: n/a





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