Who is eligible for the AHA Grant?

Currently, the grant is for United States Citizens only. If the grant is successful, than the following years will be open to international applicants as well. The artist must be 25 years or older.

The purpose of the grant is to help financial need-based artists be able to attend an artist residency worldwide. Applicants must demonstrate financial need in order to be eligible.


Are there any requirements?

Yes. Since the grant is funded through individual crowd sourcing, the artists that receive the grant must create a limited edition postcard size series as perk rewards for the donors of the grant. Postcard size can include anything from video works on a DVD to photographs to tiny paintings, the choice is up to the artists.


What do I have to use the AHA Grant for?

The grant is unrestricted and up to the discretion of the recipient artist. This can include art supplies, food, residency fees, covering loss of money not made from a job while attending a residency, current apartment rent, travel costs, etc.

The only requirement is for the grant to be used during the time of an artist residency.


Does the grant have to be for North American residencies?

No. The grant can be used at any residency worldwide.


I am a student, can I receive the AHA Grant?

No, the grant is currently for artists that aren’t receiving student loans or attending school. All artists must be graduated before applying for the grant.


I received a fellowship and stipend from the residency I have been accepted to, am I still eligible for the grant?

Yes. I always say, the more, the merrier. Artists can use as much as they can get when it comes to covering the cost of time, space, and networking with peers.


I have been accepted into a residency for 2015 but last minute the residency over-booked itself. I am looking at applying to other residencies for 2015, am I still eligible for the grant?

Yes. If you have proven that you were accepted to a residency through an acceptance letter for 2015 and the residency cancelled your acceptance, you are still eligible to use the grant. The grant will be put on hold until a new letter of acceptance is provided for 2015.


A lot of residencies don’t let you know if you’re accepted or not until 2015, can I apply for the grant and show an acceptance letter later?

No, unfortunately, since this is residency-specific there needs to be some proof of acceptance to a residency upon receiving the grant in early 2015.