Rate My Artist Residency is about artists helping artists.

Have you had the best experience of your life at an underrated artist residency?

Or, have you shown up to a place only to realize that it was a dump and not like anything they described the place to be?

Your words count! This is for all artists to get awesome deals, new opportunities, and to help each other out by rating previous artist residency experiences.  Let’s keep those swindling scallywag residencies from swooning the money from your pockets and let the underdog and beneficial residencies win!

*Residency reviews in the comments section and poll votes are encouraged*

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Please note that this is a trial BETA site and not the full rendition. Full rendition release date is TBA. I take any and all suggestions via email for site-wide improvements for the upgrade.

Rate My Artist Residency was founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany.