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Location: Central Barcelona, Spain

Mission: [ homesession ] has been founded in 2007 and initiated a residency program dedicated to visual artists. The program and space are run by French curators and a French architect. [ homesession ] hosts each year up to 8 artists from around the world. The idea of the residency is based on a real integration to local life, such as meeting with artists, curators, critics, etc. at the residency and in the local region of Barcelona.

Cost: 550 € (about $720.00, exchange rates depending) per month. The cost of the residency includes lodging and working space. The residency fee does not cover the cost of travel, personal expenses and living costs. 

Application Fee: Free

Number of Artists: Up to 1 artist at a time

Accommodations: The lodging provided by [ homesessions ] is located above the working space.

Length of Stay: 2 to 3 Months

Demographic: Emerging to Established professional working artists and curators. International applicants are encouraged to apply.

Medium: Artists working in any medium are able to apply. Curators encouraged to apply as well.

Benefits: Working space is provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, an Open Studio is organized, The program provides a flat and a working space and sessions with homesession’s curators for individually-tailored residency development.

Deadline: The selection is an on-going process.

We have two session a year to select the residents (January & July). We are planning with at last 6 months in advance.


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