Campos de Gutiérrez


Location: Medellin, Colombia

Mission: We are an organization that believes in production, heritage, and dialogue. Our main goal is the promotion of art and the professional growth of various cultural agents through a program that has been designed to guarantee interaction amongst its diverse groups of participants and the communities of Medellín. The Residency Program and its satellite projects, MAATI, ESPIGA, lectures, and the Archive, help us strengthen the local and the national art environment. We are located at a 19th Century coffee plantation and seek to generate a cultural center in Colombia where tradition and contemporary art complement each other.

Campos de Gutiérrez is a bilingual organization that believes in the distribution of information in English and Spanish to ensure direct communication between its national and international audiences.

Cost: The program fee is calculated by adding a daily sum of $50,000 Colombian pesos ($25 US dollars). However, the specific circumstances and duration of each residency will determine the price and the possibility of subsidy.

The suggested duration for a residency period is ten weeks and has a total cost of $3,500,000 Colombian Pesos (approximately USD $1,750).

This amount is calculated given that each day of the program costs COP $50,000 (USD   $25). The specific   circumstances and duration of each residency will determine the price and the possibility of subsidy. The program fee does not cover the board cost (about USD $40 a week).

Application Fee: n/a

Number of Artists: Up to 8 artists at a time

Length of Stay: 6 weeks to 3 months

The candidate may decide the dates of his or her stay within each session. We suggest a minimum stay of six weeks that will guarantee participation in the regular program activities, which include criques, artist talks, and group exhibitions. When selecting your residency term, please keep in mind that the exhibitions are organized for the last month of each session, i.e. March, June, September, and December.

Accommodations: (see benefits)

Demographic/Medium: Residencies are tailored to contemporary artists, designers, curators, and art historians. We encourage projects that demonstrate professionalism, a basic knowledge of the region in which the residency is located, and that have an emphasis in production and dialogue.

Benefits: The residency program is located at the Gutierrez House, a 19th century coffee plantation in the foothills of Medellín, Colombia. It emerged from a desire to promote historical preservation, while being unafraid to repurpose historical structures for the present. The program seeks to foster cross-cultural interactions with its diverse groups of participants and the cultural communities of Medellín. For this reason, the events complimentary to the program are carried out in different cultural centers in the city.

Campos de Gutiérrez provides the following to its residents:

  • Studio space with worktables and benches, shelves and storage area, access to equipment such as a 1.5′ x 2′ electric kiln (approximately), a large Olson downdraft wood-fire kiln, a two-thermocouple pyrometer, an electric ceramic wheel, and a bending wheel;
  • Access to the Campos de Gutierrez tools (basic carpentry tools, basic gardening tools, chain saw, electric drill, circular saw, amongst others);
  • Access to the library and Archive;
  • Private furnished room;
  • WiFi Area
  • Equipped kitchen (refrigerator, pots and pans, silverware, cups, plates and mugs including hand-made ceramic kitchenware, blender, and stove);
  • Part time cleaning and cooking services including laundry service;
  • Groundskeeping;
  • One curated group exhibition at the end of each session including physical space, graphic design, printed invitations, press release in English and in Spanish, and curatorial text;
  • The option of giving a talk at an established institution every three-month session including graphic design and press release.
  • Weekly guided visits to strategic sites in Medellín.
  • Interaction with a community of artists selected by a professional jury.

Deadline: Campos de Gutiérrez is constantly accepting applications. All proposals will be taken into consideration but only about eight will be selected each session. Applicants must take the following information into account. There are four sessions a year, which are distributed in the following manner:

Session No. 1 (January 5 – March 31) apply October 1 of the prior year.

Session No. 2 (April 15 – June 30) apply January 15 of the same year.

Session No. 3 (July 15 – September 30) apply April 1 of the same year.

Session No. 4 (October 5 – December 20) apply July 1 of the same year.

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230647_150366008367275_92890_nImage © Campos de Guitérrez
227911_150364255034117_3673956_nImage © Campos de Guitérrez
524390_593839164516_1366189090_nImage © Campos de Guitérrez and Chris Wolston
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