The Mattress Factory


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Mission: In the last 35 years, the Mattress Factory has provided space and resources for more than 500 artists to make site-specific works. Each year, eight to twelve new works open to the public and continue on public view for four to six months. At the end of the exhibition period, works are removed and the galleries are returned to their original condition.

Cost: Stipends and extra resources provided

Number of Artists: One selected artist per residency

Accommodations: Air transportation to and from Pittsburgh, housing, local transportation

Length of Stay: Year-round. Residencies range from one week to two months, with an average of three to four weeks. The artists determine the length of time they wish to work, and the schedule is designed to provide maximum on-site staff support for each artist.

Demographic: National and International, Emerging and mid-career visual artists, as well as performance and sound artists

Benefits: Professional carpenters, plasterers, and metal-workers participate in the installation process as needed, and the curatorial staff locates materials – bags of human hair, miles of barbed wire, tons of paraffin wax, insect larvae – whatever the artist needs. The staff locates equipment to fill artists’ requests, such as cooling a space to below freezing temperatures, or lining a room with LED screens. All materials and equipment, curatorial support to identify and secure all materials, skilled and unskilled labor during the installation process, marketing and publicity, documentation, an opening reception to present the exhibition to the public, honorarium

Deadline: TBA



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