Location: Berlin, Germany

Mission: The non profit organization GlogauAIR was founded by the Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzález in 2006 with the intention to create a meeting point between artists from all disciplines to work in collaboration, expanding their practice in terms of materials, formats and style. The processes are shown every three months in an open studios exhibition where the public can see the works of the resident artists in a relaxed and festive event.

Parallel to the Residency Program and the open studios we organize activities and exchange projects in collaboration with other institutions such as Videoart, Sound Art or Performance Festivals, exhibitions or artist presentations, where we invite local public, art lovers and professionals.

Cost: 500 €/month – when sleeping in the studio. The artist should sleep in their own workplace. Bed and bed linen will be provided as well as showers and kitchen for general use. 450 €/month – not sleeping in the studio. (it is literally a studio you will sleep in with a futon and your work). 

The price includes: studio, basic expenses (gas, electricity, maintenance), organizational work, open studios exhibition, taking part of the activities happening at the moment and a quarterly (three-month) catalog with all other resident artists.

Application Fee: Free

Number of Artists: Up to 10 artists at a time

Accommodations: Basic studio is provided, some come with a futon, most artists opt to rent a room for cheaper elsewhere.

The artist must take responsibility to pay individually for the costs of the studio prices and insurance, transport and travel expenses. Normally the artist will look for a grant in his/her country to finance all the costs, although GlogauAir will do everything possible to facilitate the search for financial Aid, i.e. sending a letter of invitation that endorses the decision of the artist. On the other hand, GlogauAir is constantly looking for sponsor entities to bring granted artists and pay for activities of the residents.

If the artist comes from non-European country, he/she will have to go through the process of obtaining a German Visa valid throughout the time of residence. We offer our collaboration by writing a letter of admission.

Length of Stay: 3 – 6 Months

Demographic: Emerging to Established artists, National and International

Medium: Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, video art,, sculpture, creative writing, architecture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, etc.) are invited to come as far as their project fits with our installations.

Benefits: Open studios, catalog production, community of artists from around the world, DSL Lan / Wifi, Garden, Fully equipped Kitchen and barbecue, Use of wash machine, 2 Toilets / 1 shower, Video projectors / cables, Dia projectors / cables, DVD player / cables, Flat screen, Traditional monitors, Sound System, Head Phones, Different lighting possibilities, Working tables / Table lamps, Folding chairs, Meeting and eating table, Technical assistance

Deadline: Four times a year the artists can apply with a project for a residency for three or six months.

25th July // Deadline for the residency beginning in December 2013

25th October // Deadline for the residency beginning in March 2014

1st January // Deadline for the residency beginning in June 2014

25th March //Deadline for the residency beginning in September 2014





3 thoughts on “GlogauAIR

  1. you can’t apply four times a year though they list 4 deadlines on their website. you need to look at the deadline at the bottom of the home page. i actually applied for june-aug 2013 and september-november 2013, but they never got back to me if my application is successful or not (i applied in 2012 and they did reply to me but i couldn’t make it as i changed my plan). I sent me a couple of emails and even called once to inquire about my application. they said they would tell me about their decision later, but it’s now May. they haven’t got back to me yet. the only reason for that is: though they list 4 deadlines, they have no plans to take any applicants. So you have to check the deadline listed on the home page (the first page of the website). I mean even if you have some other plans and can’t take any applicants, you could have told them. they are just being irresponsible.

  2. I know that non-students cannot apply for the funedd spots (books purchased for participants). The source of the funding is such that it is for USU students (undergrad or grad). Whether or not we’ll have non-student and un-funedd participants is something I will need to think about.

  3. GlogauAIR
    Long story short- it’s worth it to be uncomfortable at GlogauAIR if that’s the ONLY way for you to stay in Berlin. But be sure that you also apply elsewhere & use this program as a safety net option. Keep in mind that it’s very much like staying in a hostel -or a craigslist sublet. This program does not emphasize work, dialogue or critical thinking- it’s basically just a room for rent.

    -Great location
    -You can pretty much do what ever you want. You can bring your dog, you can have people over for dinner, you can have guests stay overnight for as long as you like- anything goes.
    -The residency hosts an open studio event which is fairly well attended
    -As it can be difficult to get a legal lease on an apartment as a foreigner, if you are looking to establish German residency this could be a serviceable option. You can stay for 6+ months & cite this residency as your permanent address while getting your paperwork together.


    -THE PRICE. It’s expensive- and you’re paying a lot for not very much.

    -THE PROGRAM. There is no thought to programming at this residency- aside from the open studio event. There are no visiting artists, no lectures, no studio visits, no film screenings- nothing. And though they have a large gallery space it is kept empty, locked & shuttered.

    -THE STUDIOS. The live/work studios are small and are lit entirely with fluorescent bulbs. There are no tools to borrow, and no computers/printers to use. The wifi is constantly slow and goes out many times a day (and many days/nights/entire weekends the internet was completely unavailable.)
    There is no slop sink – only the kitchen sink (filled with dirty dishes) and the bathroom sink (with tooth brushes resting on the edge.)

    -THE BED. It is a cheap ikea couch/futon type situation. Hard, stained mattress, one very old pillow, very old/used bedding & a couple mismatched towels (it wasn’t a full set of bedding- only a stained fitted sheet and a heavy comforter, no sheets or blankets, the sheets & towels hadn’t been laundered since their last use.)

    -THE BATHROOM. Because the program allows its residents to have unlimited overnight guests, instead of 5 artists sharing the ONE BATHROOM per floor (which would already be rough) there are regularly 6- 8+ people sharing one bathroom. It’s an open air bathroom with stalls dividing the shower from the sink & toilets. It was a total nightmare. There is zero privacy and you regularly have to wait to brush your teeth/ shower/ use the toilet. Also- there is no hand soap, toilet paper or cleaning products provided. Despite the heavy usage, the bathroom is only cleaned once per week.

    -THE KITCHEN. All guests on your floor also share the one kitchen. The kitchen is not well equipped and gets crowded during mealtimes, there are two lukewarm mini-fridges instead of a full size functioning fridge so groceries/leftovers often go spoiled- and there is no stove, just two hotplates and an oversized toaster oven to cook with. There are only a couple of very used/permanently burned pots & pans, and a couple of chipped/mismatched plates & bowls to eat with. The artists in residence are supposed to buy their own sponges, dish soap, and cleaning supplies, none are provided. Artists are also supposed to clean the kitchen and empty the trash/recycling themselves.

    -THE LAUNDRY. There is only one washing machine (no dryer) for the entire residency program. 10-16 people share it depending on the number of guests.

    -The common areas only get one light cleaning per week by the residency office staff. They usually come in and clean for about an hour- they take out the trash, mop the floor in the kitchen & clean up the bathroom a bit. The result is that everything is filthy 24/7.

    -There residency staff consists of two people, and a couple of rotating interns. They are very low maintenance, and are defensive & unapologetic about the deficiencies in their program. The staff was only available mon/ weds/ fri from around noon-3pm. Aside from these very limited office hours there is no one around to assist with anything, and no emergency contact provided. Scary.

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