LUMEN Residency Atina



Location: Atina, Italy


Mission: Lumen are an art collective who explore themes of astronomy and light, and have regularly exhibited in major churches around London.

We aim to inspire a dialogue about how humanity understands existence.

This two-week residency is set up to help like-minded artists from multi-disciplines develop their practice in a relaxed, yet productive environment. The peaceful village of Atina, situated 154km from Rome in the province of Frosinone-Lazio, benefits from natural darkness, natural beauty and is a great spot for viewing the Moon, stars and meteor showers.

Staying on site, artists will have the opportunity to create works responding to the variety of astronomical sights found there, to be showcased in exhibitions in Atina and London. Large studio space, observatory trips, telescope access, small local bars/restaurants, film screenings.

We took twenty artists from all over the world to Atina last year, and this year we are doing it again.

Please click below so see the video of Lumen Residency Atina 2015:

Atina is situated on the hill side of St Stephen’s Park, near the national park of Abruzzo at 490m above sea level, commanding a central position that gives it stunning views of the surrounding area.

Atina was under the rule of the Samnites before it was taken over by the Romans in 293 BC. According to the legend it was Saturn who founded the city, the Olympic god fled from Greece to hide away in the region to establish 5 cities all beginning with the letter A , Atina being one of them.

In St Stephen’s Park we can find the remains of the pre-roman polygonal stones that formed the extensive walls that guarded the city.

The town is now divided into the higher part Atina Superiore the town situated on top of the hill formed by the historic centre (where we are located) while the lower part Atina Inferiore on the town lies at the foot of the hill near the river Melfa, it is here that the modern institutions, commercial shops and amenities have developed.

The Asilo Infantile Beatrice where we will be accommodated was a nursery run by nuns, donated to the people of Atina by the Visocchi family. There are three floors to the building and a large patio space outside.

Within walking distance (2 mins) from your accommodation there is a supermarket, a fruit and veg stall, bakery, takeaway pizza, butchers, fresh pasta shop, bars, restaurants, newsagents, hair dressers, dry cleaners, a bank and a post office.

There is an internet and photocopying service at the library located in the same building as the local museum.

Located in the lower part of the town Atina Inferiore there are other commercial services such as: a Print shop – Tipografia D’Ambrosio, a photo printing shop – Baglione, an arts and crafts shop, timber, glass, marble, metal and glass merchants.


Cost: £500.00


Application Fee: n/a


Number of Artists: Up to 20 artists at a time


Length of Stay: 1 – 15 September


Accommodations: The residency is based in the Asilo Infantile Beatrice, which is an old nunnery. There are three enormous floors to explore, with two being dedicated to studios and one for accommodation. Each person gets a bed in a shared room. There are 3-6 people in each room. The rooms either look out to the beautiful green hills of the surrounding area, or onto the historic village.

Each artist gets a large shared studio space, with plenty more space available around the Asilo. A basic darkroom is also provided.


Demographic/Medium: We are open to applications from artists at any point in their career, national or international. We are open to any mediums.


Benefits: Included In Cost:

Shared Dorm Accommodation (2 weeks on site in Atina)

Large Shared Studio Space

Telescope Access (Celestron 114EQ, Unassisted)

Basic Darkroom (No Enlarger)

Visit to Campo Cassino Observatory

Visit to Montecassino Abbey

Visit to Santa Maria Assunta

Visit to Local Observatory in Atina

Visit to CAMUSAC Gallery

Exhibition in London, November 2016

Inclusion in residency publication & film


Deadline: July 31, 2016


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